Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Fantastic Fiesta from Mexico!

The boys are having so much fun with their packages from Mexico that Granny and Gramps sent them this week. They each received these amazing authentic Mexican sombreros and ponchos that are absolutely beautiful. The hand-stitched sequins and ornamental decorations are stunning.

Luke and Noah most liked the hand-painted maracas, the spinning drums and tambourines. Oh, the boys have been dancing wildly around the house playing their new instruments. Luke immediately declared that we should invite all the neighbors down for a concert. He was so serious and didn't understand why in the world our friends wouldn't want to come! His imagination is so vivid and he genuinely gets his feelings hurt when my reaction doesn't match his excitement.

Today, we are going to get out our world map and find Mexico. Then, we plan to do some Internet searching for more fun facts about Mexico. This has been a great way to teach the boys about a different culture.

Many thanks to Granny and Gramps for such heart-felt gifts. As Luke said, "They always know just what we want!"

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