Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bouncy Balls

Yesterday the boys and I made a trip to Target to pick out some bouncy balls and play dough. Since we've re-organized the garage, the boys now have a nice play area for days when it's rainy or muddy in the back yard.

At the store we picked out two of the inexpensive/cheapy bouncy balls that cost $2.99. Noah picked red. Luke picked green. We also picked out a red, white, blue and yellow 4-pack of play dough and a toy bowling set.

Eager to get home and play with our toys, the boys and I checked out and headed home. Each boy insisted on holding their bouncy ball in the car. I couldn't help but laugh as I peek at Noah in the rear-view-mirror. He was smiling from ear to ear and was talking to his reflection in the ball!

Once home, I couldn't believe how much fun the boys had with those silly balls. Using the table to balance, they would sit on them and bounce up and down over and over. Then, they would roll off the back of them on to the ground, giggling hysterically the whole time.

It just proves the point that the simple pleasures in life don't always cost a fortune! Who would have thought a $2.99 bouncy ball from Target would be so much fun!!

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