Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mommy & Me Day with Noah - The Wedding of Q&U

Today was a very special day at LAP. It was Mommy & Me Day 2013. The theme was the wedding of Q&U!

I was greeted at the door by my beau, who had a beautiful handmade corsage for me. Noah had a matching boutonniere, also handmade.

We were escorted in to the wedding chapel and seated in the VIP reserved section. Noah's class was part of the wedding procession. After everyone was in place, he joined me at my seat.

After Q&U said their vows, we took pictures. A reception with petite-fours & lemonade was served next.

It was such a memorable morning. One that I won't soon forget. This is my sweet angel sunshine's last Mommy & Me Day at LAP. Next year he will be off to kindergarten! My mommy heart almost can't imagine!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Legos & Little Boys

I've heard it said, "There are three levels of pain...mild pain, severe pain and stepping on a Lego pain!" Unfortunately, I can say from personal experience that I agree. 

Legos are a beloved toy in our house. If fact, I would say they are Noah's toy of choice right now. Everyday, when he gets home from school, we pop a monster-size bowl of popcorn, turn on a movie and get the Legos out to play. We must have about five thousand pieces, kept in a clear box with a latch-top lid, on top of the TV cabinet in our room. Each afternoon, we lay a big beach towel down and carefully dump out the box. (Clean-up is much easier if we keep them on the towel.) 

Today though we weren't successful in our clean-up efforts before Cruzie woke up. By the time I realized our blunder, Legos covered every inch of carpet in my room. I have to admit, it captured the stereo-typical image of a "house of boys" and is the quintessential illustration of our lives at this moment in time!   

One day I will look back and miss the arduous task of picking up copious amounts of these tiny toys. Right now though I'm wishing there was an enchanted Lego elf that would magically clean up this mess.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Little Free Spirit

Everyday Noah comes home from school and before I can turn around, he's stripped off his school clothes and in to something comfy cozy. Most days that makes for quite an eclectic ensemble. Today is the perfect example. Not only did he have on a constructions hat, spy glasses, glow-in-the-dark skeleton gloves and spiderman flip flops...but he also has a bag packed with equally interesting items. If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that if we are ever required to evacuate, Noah will be ready to go. He is such a pack-rat. I love his little free spirit!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Squeaky Clean Little Boys

There's only one thing better than a squeaky clean little boy - 2 squeaky clean little boys! Noah & Cruz were  so cute in their robes last night that I had to snap a quick picture. They reminded me of 2 little Hugh Hefners.

Noah's 1st Baseball Game - Go Blue Rangers

Finally, the weather cooperated long enough for one of the boys to play the opening game of the 2013 Spring season! What made this day even more special, was that it was Noah's first game ever! He's on the Blue Texas Rangers team and he is already a star! In his two times up to bat, he knocked the ball in to the outfield both times! He also made a play on first and got a runner from the other team out! He was so proud of himself when he came back to the bench where I was sitting. He stuck his little fingers through the chain-link fence & said, "Mom! Give me five!"

And, I was a proud Mama wearing my blinged out baseball hat & shirt! It took me a while to come around, but with 2 boys playing ball and one more on the way, I've officially embraced my identity as a baseball mom! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For The Picnic Table...

I need to share an amazing testimony! Last week at our garage sale a man wanted to buy our patio table, but didn't have cash on him. I told him we would keep the table in the backyard and he could come by Friday to pick it up. Friday came and we missed the man. Easter Sunday afternoon we heard a knock on the door. It was the man ready to get the table. Leo helped him load it up, but then came in to ask if the man had paid me at the garage sale? I said, "No. He didn't have cash and was going to come back to pay & pick it up." Leo asked me to come outside and talk to the man because he thought he paid. As I was speaking to the man he was sure that he paid me. As I thought back, I wondered if perhaps I had forgotten or was confused...after all it was a busy day and I could have easily made that mistake. Taking my "mommy brain" and general lack of sleep in to consideration, I could not with 100% certainty say that he had paid. With that, I admitted to the man that perhaps I was wrong, to go ahead and take the table. I wished him a Happy Resurrection Sunday and told him to have a blessed day. I felt completely at peace with the situation and hadn't thought about it since.

Until 5 minutes ago. I heard a gentle knock at the door and wondered who it might be, since I wasn't expecting anyone. It was the man's wife standing at the door. When I opened the door, she handed me an envelope and said that she and her husband had been praying about it. She said, "The Lord would not let Bill sleep. he truly thought he had paid but couldn't get it off his mind. Here is the payment. Please forgive us and thank you for being such a gracious witness of Jesus forgiveness of debts. Your blessing will be great. Love in Christ, Pamela & Bill."

Let me tell you, I have chills right now and am warm from the inside out, at the same time. "What you have done for the least of these, you have done for me." I feel as if I just stared in the face of Jesus himself. Praise the Lord for such an unexpected encounter & encouragement!