Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snaggle-tooth Luke

Luke lost his first top tooth tonight! It was after a long day of running around and baseball games that he finally let me yank it! It was really barely hanging on. In fact, when you looked at him it appeared as if he had a really crooked tooth. Not so...just a really loose tooth! A slight crisis occurred when, after sealing it in a ziplock baggie, it somehow fell out. Waterworks immediatley ensued, but we found it in the sheets of our bed. Whew! Crisis averted! I am eager for Luke to wake up. I know he'll come running out here to show me what the tooth fairy left him for his tooth. He's sure to be excited about being a dollar richer! For the recap: Luke is 6 years old, in first grade and has lost two bottom teeth and one top tooth! My boys are growing up!!

Noah - Bad Guy Food

For a couple of weeks now Noah has been jabbering off and on about making "bad guy food." I would find him with a little wad of toilet paper or a handfull of trash and ask him what he was doing, to which he would reply, "It's for the bad guy food!" I must admit, I blew it off as just another silly boy thing he was imagining. Today, however, I discovered what he was talking about...and it was not just something he dreamed up. Indeed, in our small cooler outside, I discovered a disguisting, mess of soupy slop that included water, mud, grass, trash, and old food that he didn't want to eat. It was the nastiest thing I have come across in a while...and that is saying something considering I'm still changing diapers! Noah was SO proud of his bad guy food when I took his picture. Just look at that face. He could not be more pleased with himself. What makes this even funnier is that when I called Leo to tell him about my discovery he simply said, "Oh yeah...that's his bad guy soup. He's been stirring it up for about a week now!" Gross...I suppose this is just what life is going to be like in a housefull of little boys! Even so, I do love dirty, stinky, butt-scratching, booger-eating, loud little boys!

Luke - Perfect Attendance

Luke received the perfect attendance award at school for the first six-weeks of 2011, 1st grade! We also received the results of his Texas reading assessment and he's reading like a champ! So proud of my big boy!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Noah - The Nurturing Momma Bird

Noah gathered up a bunch of our golf balls this morning, sat on them and covered himself with a blanket. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "Sitting on my eggs!" As if it was a really obvious thing. I then asked him what he was hatching? In a dumbfounded tone he said, "Birdies, Mom!" This kid is so funny! He definitely keeps us laughing!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall 2011 Baseball

Luke is really having fun playing baseball this season. And, I have to admit, he's getting quite good at it! He's taking the game much more seriously, which you can tell just by looking at his stance in some of these pictures. It's so cute to see him watching baseball on TV and he's just now getting in to the whole win/lose thing. His little competitive spirit is coming out and I can see that testosterone start to do it's thing. This season he's playing a new position for the first time: catcher. He likes all the pads and equipment...and especially that he gets to wear a 'cup'. It's really quite hilarious. He's also a darn good first baseman. He caught the ball twice yesterday for outs on the other team! His batting stance has also improved. He hit the ball twice and scored points for his team. These things together are what won Luke the game ball! He was so excited. There are only 3 games left in this season and then we'll take some time off over the winter to focus on his music talents. This boy has music in him for sure! It's such a privilege to uncover the gifts God has put in my boys. It's like a treasure hunt as we discover their passions and talents.I pray I'm able to foster and guide them in the way they should go to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives. Love my boys!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quick Saturday Morning Update

It is so hard to find time to blog these days. Life with three little boys is never dull, boring or quiet. I sit here at 6am on a Saturday, after being up since four, just to have a little time to crochet, write and sip my coffee. Right now, Luke is in 1st grade and learning the most amazing things...things I didn't learn until much later in elementary school. He's such a smart boy, a leader, and really getting in to sports and music. Noah is in 3-preschool. He has the sweetest heart and is always telling me I'm beautiful and "the best!" Cruz is 9months and doing something new literally every day. Yesterday he started really saying "dada" and cruising around the couches, coffee table and wall. Time is going by so fast. I wish I could slow it down just a bit. But, the day is calling me to go, go, go. We have a tball game, a craft fair, a hair appointment and errands to run. Off I go!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Noah's First Day of Preschool 2011

Today was Noah's first day of preschool! He had such a great time! He ran in the door after school smiling and exclaiming, "Mommy my teachers are SOOOOO beautiful!" Of course, I know they are. Ms. Beth taught Luke when he was only 2, so I was delighted to find out Noah was going to be in her class too!

After we got everyone in the door and settled down, Noah told me all about chapel and singing. He also said he liked playing outside on the playground and that he got to eat lunch with all his friends!

He was honestly more excited than I have seen him in a long time. Makes a mama's heart happy to see her little boy so excited about school!

It's going to be a great year!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Luke's 1st day of 1st Grade

Awe...I can't help but be so proud, excited and sentimental when I see this picture of Luke going to first grade. He was READY!!! It's been a long summer for him and he's struggled with the boredom that every kid does. Even though he's been to three VBS's and 2 music camps, the days grow repetitive and the weeks drag by.

We went to meet the teacher. Luke was excited to meet Mrs. Brown - a teacher that two of his friends had last year. The night before school you would have thought it was Christmas. He was so excited to pick out his clothes, get his lunch money ready and decide what he wanted for his first day back breakfast.

The first morning was organized and went smoothly. I had to make him stop for his picture before he left. It's amazing to see how much he's grown and changed. It's such a privilege to be his mommy!!

Fall Coach Pitch Baseball 2011

Luke's fall baseball season has started. This year he's moved up from t-ball to coach pitch ball, with Leo as the team's assistant coach and pitcher.

Even though he is young enough to still be playing tball, we felt he was ready to move up. And, boy did he prove us right! Luke hit the ball off of Leo both times he was up to bat!! Only three other kids hit the ball out of twelve, so we were really proud of him. He also caught the ball and got a runner out when he played first base.

It's the end of a long hot summer here, with temps over 100 for 59 days now, but it's the start of Fall ball and that brings with it the hopes of cooler weather and a great season!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another Dontation to the Christian Care Center

I'm so proud of Luke for gathering our second collection of food & toiletry items for the Christan Care Center this summer.

We started with one big box, but after some help from a couple of friends and digging a little deeper into our pantry as well, we were able to come up with 2 overflowing boxes and one big bag.

Luke was so proud to carry everything in and put it in the shopping cart that gets wheeled to the back.

I pray these are the lessons and memories that stay instilled in my boys as their grow up!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Summertime Surprise from Granny & Gramps

It is SO hot here in Texas this week. Our temps are predicted to be between 105-110 this week! The boys have cabin fever so's just as bad as when it snows and ices in the winter. We just can't go outside.

Granny & Gramps to the rescue!! We received the biggest art supply kit I've ever seen in my life today! Hundreds of crayons, oil pastels, big & little markers, paints and more!!

We immediately had to sit down and make pictures! How fun and just the perfect activity for a hot summer day!!!

Thanks Granny & Gramps!!

Luke's Kindergarten Graduation

One more post going back to the beginning of summer...Luke's kindergarten graduation. What a fun day and program to watch!!

Luke was very proud to stand up on the risers on stage and sing. His class sang to the tune of "New York, New York." "I want to be a part of it...first grade, first grade!" It was THE CUTEST song ever!!!

When he got home with his diploma he was feeling very accomplished, as you can tell by the expression in his picture! What a big accomplishment!

Look out first Luke comes!!!

The Boys Hanging Out

I'm going back a bit with these pictures, but they are too cute not to put in our family's blog. I just love seeing all the boys together. It's an overwhelming feeling of blessing when they are.

Even though it's only been 6-8 weeks since these pictures were taken, I can't believe how much Cruz has grown. He looks so different now and it really makes me realize how fast babies change.

Oh I just love these boys so much I feel like my heart is going to explode sometimes. I pray that God grants me the wisdom and strength to always be the kind of mother each one of them needs to live up to the potential he created them to be!!

Luke Collects Food for Wylie's Christian Care Center

Earlier this summer Luke took up a collection of non-perishable food for Wylie's Christian Care Center at one of our neighborhood BBQ's. During the summer months, many of the children who would normally get a hot lunch at school, go hungry. This just breaks my heart, so we decided to do something to help!

Luke collected two big boxes of raviolis, peanut butter & jelly and other non-perishable food items. I would so proud of him when we dropped it off that Saturday.

This was such a great lesson for the boys that it's something our family is going to do on a regular basis. We're already discussing when we'll take up our next collection...probably in late summer/early fall.

It really is true that you feel better when you give than when you receive. I am hoping to make many more of these teachable moments with the boys over the years.

One More Birthday Blog for Noah

Even though we have already had the boys birthday party at ASI Gymnastics with their friends, we had a great time at our family birthday party on his actual birthday.

We started the festivities with some karaoke. Justin Beiber was playing while Noah sang and showed off his break-dancing moves.

For dinner we had grilled hamburgers and hot dogs with chocolate and vanilla cup cakes & ice cream for dessert.

The boys could hardly wait for Noah to open his presents. He got a yellow fishing pole from Papaw & Memaw so that when it cools off he can go fishing with Luke who got a red pole for his birthday. From mommy & daddy Noah got Cars roller skates and pads so that he can skate with Luke who also got skates. Noah also got a tball set to play with in the backyard.

It was a great day full of laughter and love. I'm so grateful for my sweet angel sunshine! He truly is a ray of light in our lives!!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!!

Today is a VERY special day! My sweet angel sunshine is turning 3 years old today!

Noah is the sweetest little boy. He has such an affectionate, pleasing personality. If I had to pick one word to sum him up it one word it would be JOYOUS!!

God blessed our family so much when he gave us Nathanial Noah. Everyday with him brings smiles and hugs!!

I will never fully understand how I got so lucky that God gave these boys to me!! I will spend my life trying to live up to the honor of being their mommy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Ballard Street Performing Arts Music Camp!

Luke had a great time this week (for the second time this summer) at the Ballard Street of Performing Art's music camp!

This week he learned to play the hand bells, auto-harp, keyboard and xylophone. Special guests were Mr. Jeremy on the drums, Mr. Rob on the guitar and Ms. Penny on the flute. And all though they were all extremely talented, Luke's favorite (by far) were the drums!

I was so impressed when I came to his music program today and he had not only learned to read musical notes on the staff, he also learned to play a song!!

Luke's excitement and progress has me thinking he might have a real gift here, so I'm enrolling him in the Ballard Street Kids music program this year and maybe, just maybe, some private lessons with Mr. Jeremy!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

My 3 Little Musketeers

I can't believe so much time has gone by since I blogged!! The summer brings a busy schedule and time has gotten away from me. I have a million cute pictures that need a story with them, but if I try to go back I'll be overhwelmed and never start. So, I'm starting now with an adorable picture I took of the boys playing.

Today was the first time all 3 boys really played together. They were building towers with their blocks and Cruz was knocking them down. It was such an endearing moment that I wanted to make sure I captured it.

I'm sure this is only one of many moments like these to follow in the years to come. I love dreaming about our future and imagining all the happy memories we will have together. We are a blessed family. I couldn't ask for anything more!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cruz Tries Cereal for the 1st Time

Last night I tried a little experiment with Cruz and let him drink as much milk as he wanted before bed. I was shocked to realize that he sucked down 6oz like it was nobody's business!

So today I decided that I really do need to start working with him on eating solid food. Last week we tried avocado for the last time with more ending up on the bib than in his tummy. Today we tried some organic rice cereal.

I think the consistency of the cereal was a little thicker and easier to stay in his mouth. Still, he doesn't really know how to swallow or what to do with it.

At any rate, we're going to keep trying because even though my chunky pumpkin is 90% for weight, I think he's hungry!

Noah & His Dump Truck

Granny and Gramps sent Noah a big surprise for finally completing potty training...a big green dump truck! What a HUGE hit! Noah has not stopped "picking up trash" from around the house since he got it.

He's picked up so much trash, in fact, that I had to find out what all exactly he had in there. I was shocked when I dumped it out to find (among other things) Lincoln logs, popcorn kernels, snack wrappers, straws, action figures, and an alien!

He loves this dump truck so much in fact that when I threatened to take it away this morning if Noah didn't take his medicine that he immediately took it without one other word!!

So, not only did this dump truck help incent Noah to potty train, it's also leverage for good behavior today!! YAY!!

Noah's End of Year Music Program at LAP

Monday night Noah performed in his end of the year program at LAP. I was incredibly sentimental that night watching him sing and dance. For one, it was only last year that Luke was performing there and now he's such a big boy, in kindergarten, reading and writing. Secondly, I will never forget how close we came to losing Noah as a baby after his surgery for pyloric stenosis. Every milestone, every music program, every day is SUCH a blessing with him in our lives.

The night ended with more sweet memories, as the teachers made us an entire, full-sized binder filled with pictures of Noah throughout the year. Seeing him last fall, looking like so much of a baby, made me realize just how much he's grown this year! My concerns about the teachers understanding what he was saying, transitioned in to whether or not he would ever be fully potty trained, and are now shifting again as I wonder how much he will miss the wonderful teachers who have become such a big part of his life.

We are blessed in so many ways, it's honestly overwhelming and incredibly humbling. I think all those thoughts were what caught me off guard and made me so emotional.

Next week is the last week of school and I'm organizing the end of year party with a special treat for each of the teachers. There's really no way to thank them enough for pouring out their lives in to my sweet angel all year!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cruz & His Baby Seahorse

Granny and Gramps sent Cruz the cutest little seahorse for Easter. It's tummy lights up and it plays super-soothing music. He is just at the stage where he is reaching and grabbing for things and he absolutely LOVES this seahorse

We keep it in his crib and, since he learned to roll over last week, he will roll right over, grab it and snuggle up to it. It's so cute to see him curl his body around the seahorse and bury his head in it like he's cuddling with it.

Thanks again to Granny and Gramps for the neatest and most thoughtful gifts!!

Noah & Mommy's Mascara

Noah came out from my room the other day with black stuff all over his face. For a split-second I wondered, "What in the world?" Almost instantly though I realized he had gotten in my my mascara!

Silly boy! He always likes to watch me get ready, but we've now had to discuss that only mommy's wear makeup, not boys! LOL!!

Such a cute little face all smeared with mascara though!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big Brother Luke Feeds Baby Cruz

Luke is such a good big brother. He's kind and gentle and absolutely loves his little brothers! He is especially eager to gain enough responsibility to be a "baby sitter." He loves to hold his baby brother and is ever so careful to cradle Cruz's head.

Yesterday Luke was DELIGHTED when as I asked him if he wanted to give Cruz a bottle. He kept saying that now he was a "real babysitter!"

I'm not sure Cruz knew what to think. He kept looking at me like, "Why is my brother feeding me?" In the end, he didn't drink much from Luke and I had to take him to finish things up. That didn't matter to Luke though. He felt helpful and victorious in his tasks!

My sweet boys. They are loud and messy and rowdy, but they are equally loving and sweet!!

Cruz's 1st Bites of Food

Today Cruz got his first taste of solid food: mashed avocado & mommy's milk. For sure, more ended up on the bib than in his tummy, but it sure is a fun first step towards eating table food.

In his usual fashion, Cruz smiled for the camera while taking each bite. His green slobbery smile melts my heart. It's a bittersweet moment as I know this is the last "first bite" I'll be giving my children. I'm grateful for these moments and treasure them greatly!

Luke Wins Another Reading Award!

At this Friday's Wrangle Round Up Luke won his second award for reading above the level required for kindergarten!! He didn't know he was receiving an award, so he was super surprised when daddy showed up for his assembly.

That morning I asked him if he wanted to dress in his cowboy boots for the round up. Not only did he do that, but he added a hat as well!

I'm so proud of all the progress Luke is making in school. He is reading 1st grade books and is writing short stories. It's so wonderful watching him fall in love with learning!!!

Cruz Looking Like His Big Brother Luke!

Today I dressed Cruz in an Old Navy outfit that both his brothers wore when there were babies. I was immediately struck by how much he looked like his biggest brother Luke! It almost took my breath away.

I have a picture of Luke wearing this outfit and I knew I had to take a picture of Cruz to compare it too. I wish Luke's picture was digital, so I could put it in this blog post. Never-the-less, Cruz's chunky body and chubby face remind me so much of Luke at this point in his life. The only thing different are his beautiful blue eyes! Ahhh...I treasure those blue eyes!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Cruzie-Woozie - 4 Months

Despite my best attempts to nick-name Cruz "Little Bear", it just hasn't stuck! Probably because there isn't much little about him. At 4 months old he is wearing 9 month clothing and is pretty near the top of the percentile charts for size.

Considering how sweet and round and yummy Cruz is, I've gravitated to calling him Pumpkin Pie, Sweet Pumpkin and Punkie. These just roll more naturally off the tongue and certainly describe him better.

Another name that we all call him is Cruzie-Woozie. Noah chose that name and it's definitely stuck! It's so cute to see the big boys loving on and playing with Cruz. It gets my imagination going in to the future and what they will all be like playing together once Cruz is mobile.

Despite the fullness, loudness and messiness of life, not a day goes by that I don't stare down in to that sweet round face and feel such enormous blessing. I love watching his eye lashes uncurl in to a beautiful frame around his big blue eyes...I love watching his mouth make that peaceful, "nursie", sucking motions while he sleeps...and I love counting the chubby rolls on his legs right down to his fat little kankles!

Oh, to remember these moments! I know they will be grown before I know it!