Friday, July 9, 2010

Luke's Fantastic 5th Birthday!

Yesterday morning I thought back to the same day five years ago. My world changed. My titled changed. I became a mother. It's funny how before I had children I thought I would be the one doing the teaching. This experience has taught me more, made me live to a higher standard and brought me closer to God than any other event in my life. Next to my salvation, it has been the greatest single gift God has ever blessed me with.

So, with this in mind, we started Luke's special day! His 5th birthday! This is a milestone birthday...number five...starting kindergarten. It's a big birthday and so I took the day off of work to celebrate with him.

We started with a breakfast trip to the donut shop (his choice.) When he told the donut lady it was his birthday, she gave him a special bag of star-shaped donuts with sprinkles for free!

Next, we were off to Toys R Us to pick out Luke's REAL drum set that he's been earning for the past 6 months with his good behavior.

We had lunch at Papa Julio's where the waitress brought Luke a special plate of cinnamon/sugar sopapillas with honey to dip in and a candle to blow out!!

Finally, we were off to the movies to see Toy Story 3. What a fun time we had sipping on Icees and laughing out loud. It was such a good movie and I even teared up a bit during the part when Andy gave away his toys to Bonnie because he was going away to college.

After the movies, we stopped by Albertson's so Luke could pick out the birthday cake he wanted to bake. We also made a stop at Papa Murphy's to pick up some take-and-bake pizzas for dinner.

On our way home we stopped at Ms. Christy's to pick up Noah. She not only had birthday decorations up for Luke, but also had baked some cup cakes just for him!!!

We ended our day with Don and Sherry; eating dinner and singing Happy Birthday to Luke over cake and ice cream.

What a great day! I don't think Luke could have asked for more. I hope he remembers even just a bit of this when he's older. All of his family and friends doing small thoughtful things to make his day special.

Next weekend we'll celebrate both the boys' birthdays with a big party at Bounce U!
What a blessing to have two such beautiful boys to call my own! I don't think I could ask for more!!

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