Thursday, May 23, 2013

Noah - last day of preschool 2013

Today was Noah's last day of pre-school! I took the day off work to spend the day with him at Learning Academy Preschool one last time. 

We had a great time planning his school party! Since almost 1/2 the kids in the class have a summer birthday, we chose Happy Birthday as the theme! The kids had a great time making visor  hats as their craft activity. Noah's had horses, pow-pow guns, dogs and cactus' on it. They had an even better time eating a big birthday cake and singing happy birthday to all their friends!

Noah gave his teachers, Ms. Cheryl and Ms. Barbara a card, Starbuck's gift card and a yellow rose for friendship. We also gave a rose to each of the teachers that have taught him over the years as we left the building. It was so special to see Ms. Teresa his 2 year old teacher, Ms. Beth his 3 year old teacher, as well as his music & chapel teachers. He was so proud to give them each a flower and a big Noah hug!

The last day of school wouldn't be complete without one more picture by the church bell. This has been a place of picnics, play and such a symbolic spot throughout our preschool years. Good thing I have Cruz coming up next year. When he graduates preschool, it really will be the end of a chapter! So thankful my boys have such a wonderful Christian school to start their education & learning.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Noah's Graduation 2013 - Learning Academy Preschool

I honestly can't begin to put in to words how a mother's heart bursts with emotions on a night as special as a preschool graduation. The journey for each of my boys has started at Learning Academy Preschool when they were just two years old...barely talking and still in the trenches of potty-training. Today 3 years later, we are at the end of our pre-kindergarten year. Where has the time gone? 

I wanted Noah to feel especially handsome on this day, so I bought him a fancy button down shirt and fresh pair of khakis. In typical Noah-style, he refused his dress shoes because they hurt his feet and opted for his bright yellow and black, dirty sneakers.

When we arrived at school, we spotted his graduation sign out front, on the lawn. We stopped for a quick picture, then made our way inside. I dropped Noah off with  his class and took my seat in the chapel. As we waited, a slide show played with picture of all the graduates. I will admit that when Noah's name and cap & gown picture flashed across the screen, a few tears escaped.

Each class sang two songs. The grande finale included all the classes together singing about graduation. Each word full of meaning & memory about all the children had learned over the years.

Finally - it was time for the diplomas. As Ms. Sherry called, "Nathaniel Noah Padron" I thought of all we have been through in Noah's life. Each moment a treasure and gift from God. He accepted his diploma from his teachers and paused a moment for a picture.

And that was it. The perfect ending to a perfect night! Not a day goes by that I don't thank God for my sweet angel sunshine! So truly, deeply blessed to be his mother.

Friday, May 3, 2013

First Harvest of 2013 - RADISHES!

What a Spring this has been. We've had frost warnings three times in the past month - today broke a record at 37 degrees. Despite this, we had a delicious first harvest of radishes from the garden. It's our first year to plant them -- mainly because they are reported to deter squash vine borers that desiccate my beloved yellow crook-neck squash every year, but they also are a great cancer-fighting veggie.

Beautiful in bright pink & red color, they are deceptively spicy. The boys all "want" to like them and eagerly chop them up for salads.  One bite though and the delayed reaction of spiciness has them reaching for the water bottle! So, that leaves the harvest for me!

Looking forward to what else our garden has in store this year: cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes, squash, zucchini, red peppers and several herbs!