Friday, February 25, 2011

Luke's Valentine's Day Box Project

We have had so many snow days in 2011 that I HAD to find something for Luke to do during the most recent day at home. We were just about ready to start pulling out hair out when I remembered that we needed to make Luke's Valentine's day box that we'd picked out from Hobby Lobby over the weekend.

So, with hopes it would last all morning, I carefully laid out all of Luke's arts and crafts. We had a box, glitter glue, stickers, and more! He really did have fun making his box....and I have to admit that I had fun helping!

The only unfortunate part of the project was that it didn't last longer. We were soon done, bored again, and looking for something else to do! I've come to the realization that little boys are a lot like wild dogs...they need lots of space to run and play -- something inclement weather days don't allow much of!!

My Sweethearts!!

Oh my sweetie-boys!! How handsome they were on Valentine's day as I dressed them in the cutest shirts my friend made. Each had a tie made out of Valentine's day fabric.

I couldn't help but laugh as I took pictures of them. Noah kept making silly faces and Luke (for once in his life) didn't want to be in the pics. Despite this, I managed to snap a couple of cute shots!

Each boy got compliments on their shirts at school. Cruz and I went to both Luke and Noah's Valentine's day parties! Everyone oohhed and aawwed when they saw baby Cruz also had a matching shirt.

It was such a special treat to spend the day with all my boys! They really are my heart and my life! Love my sweethearts!!

A Valentine's Day Surprise from Granny

Leo and I aren't overly romantic and don't really buy in to "Halmark created holidays" like Valentine's day. That's why it was such a special surprise to receive cookies and roses from Granny and Gramps! It was completely unexpected, but the surprises kept coming and coming.

First, we received two dozen heart shaped cookies that looked like conversation hearts with phrases like, "kiss" and "love" written on them.

Then, a dozen roses showed up! And, not long after ANOTHER dozen roses! Oh, they were so pretty and blossomed amazingly!! Never in my life have I had two dozen roses at the same time!!

What special surprises on an unlikely holiday!! Thank you Granny and Gramps for sharing the "love" of Valentine's day!!!

More 1st's for Cruz!!

Cruz has finally gotten big enough for his first "toys!" Just this week we got out the Bumbo seat and the Exersaucer! This may not seem like a big deal, but after only being able to lay down for 2 1/2 months, this new perspective is awesome!

Cruz definitely likes being able to stand up on the exersaucer. I had to put a pillow underneath because his little feet don't quite reach the ground. The verdict is still out on the Bumbo seat. He'll sit in it for 5 minutes or so, but then is ready to get out.

Regardless, I'm grateful for a new place to put Cruz while I get dinner ready or things done around the house. He's such a good baby, but it's always helpful to have options!!

It's such a joy to see my baby boy growing and changing!!


I had a great morning at Luke's school this morning watching him win the ROPER award!

When I walked in, all the kids were filing in to the lunch room as "We will, we will rock you!" blasted from the speaker. They excitedly slapped their legs and clapped their hands to the beat.

I wheeled Cruz in the stroller around to where Luke's class was sitting. He was so surprised to see me! I loved seeing his face light up and hearing him say, "Mommy!"

When they displayed the ROPER winners on the screen Luke exclaimed, "I won! I won!" He proudly went up to the front of the stage and accepted the award from Ms. Speicher, the principal. Then, as all the kids exited the stage, they ran through the "tunnel of fame" where the teachers lined the isles, clapping and cheering!

The assembly ended by saying the Texas Plege of Aliegance as I snapped one final picture of Luke with his award!

Congratulations Honey Bunny!!!