Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Big Boy Bike for Luke!

The day has finally arrived! Luke has his first real big boy bike! Memaw and Papaw gave it to him for his birthday and he is SO excited!!

I have to tell the story of how they gave it to him though. Papaw is so ornery and just couldn't resist teasing Luke a bit by first giving him what he thought was his real gift...a bag with a bunch of tissue paper and a single tennis ball inside. Luke's face when he opened it went from excitement to confusion to disappointment. I will admit it was funny to watch.

After some "ribbing" and laughing, another bag was presented. This one had a helmet in it. And, although it was met with a slightly better reaction, there was still a let down to the moment.

Finally, at long last, Papaw went to the back room of the house and brought out Luke's real present...his big boy bike! Now THAT was a moment and reaction. Luke was extremely happy the jokes were over and that he was given his real present!

We had to put training wheels on it, but I don't think he'll be using them for long. He's ready to take off with the big boys and just needs to master the skill of balance. I believe with a couple of good pushes and spotting he'll be riding the roads in no time.

Another milestone in Luke's life and the evolution of our family! Watching my boys grow up is the single greatest thing I've experienced in life! What a blessing!

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  1. Luke,,,
    What a great bike!!! You look great riding it. Love,,,, Granny & Gramps