Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jackpot from Jamaica!

More goodies arrived from Granny and Gramps and their awesome cruise to Jamaica!

The boys both received adorable tie-died T-shirts and the coolest hand-made wooden flutes. They immediately started blowing on them...I immediately ruled them outside toys or toys to be played with in their rooms with the doors closed! Neither Luke nor Noah seemed to mind my ruling...they went on their merry way toot-toot-tooting!

I received the most beautiful beaded cross necklace! Traditional Jamaican red, yellow and green beads are mixed with a beautiful dark silvery-black color with a cross at the end. It's casual enough for every day, yet stylish enough to be dressed up a bit too. Perfect!

Granny and Gramps are always so sweet to remember us whenever they see something unique or fun. We are blessed to have such thoughtful family in our lives!

1 comment:

  1. Luke & Noah, You look so good in the bright Jamaica shirts. Everything in the Caribbeans is bright, happy colors. Hope your are loving the flutes as much as we did sending them to you. :-) Love, Granny & Gramps
    Look for another package. It's on it's way.