Monday, October 20, 2014

Steak and Crab Dinner with Dad

To celebrate dad coming home from the hospital, we decide to invite him over for a nice dinner. 

We also included after dinner entertainment - the dancing Cuban Padron boys. 

Precious memories 

Papaw - Everyday is a Gift

Luke was making us all laugh with his funny faces today when we visited Papaw. 

The day Noah came to visit, Papaw was feeling well enough to walk by himself to the hospital's outside terrace! 

We were so happy when Papaw was finally able to come home. Cruzie came to visit him one morning when the big boys were in school. 

So thankful that my heavenly Father healed my earthly father so he could come home to rest and heal in his own house. 

Noah's 1st Personal Haircut

The picture pretty much tells the story. 
Noah found Leo's electric face shaver...
guess he was feeling creative...
or curious.

Noah Loses His 1st Tooth

Let it be written in the chronicles of Padron history, on October 20, 2014, Noah lost his first tooth. Bottom, center left tooth! So tiny that when it fell on the floor, we almost couldn't find it. Excited to see what the tooth fairy brings tonight.