Thursday, July 15, 2010

Noah's Potty Chair

Noah LOVES sitting on his potty chair! Which, is a very good thing considering just a few months ago he was terrified of it! Ironically, now Noah doesn't want to get off of it...or wear a diaper. Unfortunately, he has yet to actually pee-pee in it.

So, day after day he sits and sits and sits and sits. If I try to put his diaper back on he gets really upset and cries, "Pee pee!, Pee pee!" He even takes his own diaper off and brings it to me when it's just the slightest bit wet...and always comes to me with a clean diaper saying, "Stinky!" when he is ...well, stinky!

I wasn't going to potty train until he started preschool two days this Fall...something magical happens when they are in class and all their other little friends are using the bathroom. I might have to reconsider that a bit though...disposable diapers are expensive to pee in one time!!!

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