Thursday, February 13, 2014

365 - Rock-A-Bye Baby

I absolutely LOVE that Cruz will fall a sleep in my arms. I can't remember either of the other boys doing it, although I'm sure they must have. 

Maybe I'm just sentimental because Cruz is my last baby. Maybe I'm having a hard time letting go of my "child-bearing" years as I look toward turning 40. 

Regardless, I can't stop taking pictures of my sleeping baby. His little face is just so precious. His little face is engraved on my heart, but I worry about my memory. These years are going so fast - too fast.  

Oh how much I love this little guy. It's intensely scary. If he only knew how much power he wields over my Mama's heart. I have a sneaking suspicion he's on to me though...he's definitely the "baby" of the family ...a little sweet...a little spoiled rotten.

#BittersweetBaby #SlowDownTime

365 - Strong Man Luke

A midst the fighting, arguing, picking and tattle-tailing, there are times when the boys enjoy each other. 

I will admit my anxiety level is just as high when Noah is on Luke's shoulders as I am when they are wrestle/fighting on the ground.

The balance and confidence level is much better when it's Cruz on his back.  Although, they do get to running pretty fast around the coffee table, which makes my head spin just a bit.  

Love, love, love the  happy times. These are the ones I chose to document & remember! 

#365BrotherlyLove, #GrowingUpGettingRealMuscles

Thursday, February 6, 2014

365 - First Snow of 2014

We had begun to wonder if it would snow this year! Other than IceMagedon back in December, we haven't seen a flurry! 

The forecasters let us know what we were in for today...a light dusting of snow. 
I have to admit the boys were disappointed when they woke up and not a flake had dropped from the sky.

No school cancellations...No snow day...out the door they went.
But then...

Around 9:00 something magical started to happen - SNOW - and not just a actual half-to-three-quarters of an inch. 
Enough that, by the time they got home, they were ready to play! 
Luke swept the snow off everyone's sidewalks so they would have enough to build a snowman.

Don't let this picture fool you...look closely at the frozen tree branch Noah is holding. 
As soon as I snapped this pic, he whacked the heck out of the back of Luke's knees. 

Luke was not nearly as eager to stand so close to his brother in this last pic I was able to snap! 


Sunday, February 2, 2014

365 - Superbowl Sunday

 It's superbowl Sunday and boy are we partying it up - ;)
Seriously though, there were some funny moments throughout the day.
It was awfully quiet, when I peaked in the toy room I found Oscar & Cruzie contently playing in his cage.

Later, overcome with excitement for the upcoming football game, my bambino fell a sleep on the ground right where he was playing. 
This boy is my heart.

Noah is a party all on his own. 
Put that boy outside and he will find something to do until you call him inside.

Once inside, the party doesn't stop though.
Always dressed to a "T", today he's a vegetarian fireman/construction worker.
This boy is my joy!

Luke had his ups and downs today. 
Here he is channeling his serious perfectionism with his love of art.

Of everyone, Luke wins the team-spirit award.
Here he is carefully making signs for each of the football teams.
This boy is my mirror reflection. 

We'll end our Superbowl Festivities with a family favorite dinner of black forest ham, baked potatoes, corn, peas & carrots and sauteed greens with yellow peppers. 


365 - We Gotta' Wear Shades

Oh, these boys make me smile! 
Sometimes their little lights are just so bright we have to wear shades. 

Hide it under a bush? 
Oh no! 
We gotta' let it shine!

Sing it with me...
Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine!

Have I mentioned how often these two make me smile!