Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LAP Art of Praise Concert

Last night Luke performed in the Learning Academy Preschool's "Art of Praise" music program. We have come to treasure these "performances" over the years. The kids are just so proud and precious as the line up on the big stage to sing praises to God.

This program was all praise songs. Two new songs I had never heard, but they finished strong with the classic, "Deep and Wide...deep and wide...there's a fountain flowing deep and wide...Wide and deep..."

After the songs, Ms. Lezlie told the kids the bible story about when the little children came to Jesus and the disciples try to send them away...Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me."

The evening concluded with a tour of all the children's art work which lined the halls and walk ways. Luke had marble art and ocean art displayed. Despite my attempts Luke didn't want to take any more pictures at the end of the night. Since I video taped the entire performance, I didn't push.

We have one more music program in Luke's preschool career. It's incredibly bittersweet to see my first baby boy growing up so fast.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Canada Courtesy of Granny & Gramps!

Everyday when I check the mail Luke asks if there is anything for him. Most days I hand him an advertisement or magazine that I don't want - it really doesn't matter what - he's just thrilled to get something!

Every once a while, on a special day, something in the mail will actually be for Luke. Today was one of those days!

There it was...a big, white, priority mail envelope with the letter L-U-K-E on it. Luke knew immediately it was for him!

He tore open the envelope and inside was a shirt from Granny and Gramps' trip to Canada. We immediately put on the shirt with the "big red leaf" on it.

We also got to see a map of North America showing where Canada is located and a post card with some beautiful pictures of the mountains and countryside. They are both stuck on our fridge with the Canada magnet that came along with them.

Thanks Granny and Gramps!

Going to the mailbox tomorrow is going to be such a let down! I'm going to have to manage some expectations ahead of time. ;)

Surprise! Baby in a Cabinet!

Ever since the boys could crawl, they have been fascinated with the cabinets in our kitchen. Despite our attempts to keep them out, they always manage to finagle the child proof latches and locks...I guess I have a couple of little Houdini's.

The old saying goes, "If you can't beat them, join them", so I gave in. There is a small cabinet in our kitchen that is just perfect for the boys. They keep their kitchen toys, pots and pans, play food, etc. in here.

When Luke was a baby, he would crawl in there, manage to turn himself around, and then get stuck! It was hilarious! Now, Noah has discovered the cabinet and is doing the same thing...except he's small enough that he doesn't get stuck.

They both think it's hysterical to crawl in, close the door and then pop out! Surprise!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mmmm...Chocolate Pudding!

There just aren't too many things better than homemade chocolate pudding! At least that's what Noah thinks.

I couldn't help but snap a picture of him last night after finishing his dessert.

Needless-to-say, we went straight to the tubby to wash off. He's such a little stinker, but so full of joy. We are so blessed that he is our baby boy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day After Valentine's Fun

Yes, I know Valentine's Day was yesterday...but today is President's Day holiday and I'm home with the boys. We've made lemon jello, chocolate pudding and our crowing achievement are these cute little pink Rice Krispie treat hearts.

Luke did NOT want to take a picture, but I managed to coerce him in to it somehow. He's actually a little whiny today, but you'd never know it by the cute picture and all the fun stuff we're doing.

Sometimes I'm determined to make happy memories, even when the kids don't cooperate! LOL! One day he'll look back and thank me, right? ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

My sweet boys surprised me with flowers this morning. They were beautiful. Lots of red and white roses, carnations and daisies. Luke was so proud as he came to me with his hands hidden behind his back and popped them out in front with a big, "Happy Valentine's Day Mommy!"

He also went to the candy store yesterday with Ms. Sherry where he picked a special piece of candy for each of us. I got a big peanut butter cup wrapped in a pretty red Valentine's bag. He can be so thoughtful sometimes!!

I'm such a blessed woman. I will never fully understand how I got so lucky that God hand-picked each of these boys to be mine.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day!!

Who would have thought we'd get SO MUCH SNOW today!!!

We woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground and it hasn't stopped snowing yet. Leo couldn't wait for Luke to wake up on his own, so he went in around 7:00 and woke him up. They went outside in their jammies to look at all the snow.

After getting dressed the boys went back outside to throw a few snow balls at each other before Leo had to go to work.

I decided I didn't want to take Luke to school, so he stayed home with our retired neighbors and played in the snow. Luke built a snow man as tall as him, made a snow angel and had a snowball fight with Mr. Don.

We're waiting for daddy to get home now so we can play some more.

What a FUN day!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Luke Earns His Orange Belt!!!

I was so proud of Luke yesterday when he earned his Orange belt in Taekwondo!! He has been working so hard over the past four sessions to earn it! This class has done wonders to teach him discipline and respect. He loves the class and I'm excited to see him continue!

Mommy & Me Day at LAP

Today was SUCH a special day! It was Mommy & Me Memory Day at LAP.

To start the festivities, all the moms gathered in the chapel where the kids sang us two really sweet songs. I love mommy, I love mommy, yes I do, yes I do, mommies are for hugging, mommies are for kissing, I love you, I love you!!

After our mini-concert, we had one hour to spend doing various activities around the church. We painted tea cup planters, had our picture taken in front of an igloo made from milk jugs, ice-skated through the chapel on pieces of wax paper, had a snow ball fight with wadded up newspaper and much more!

The afternoon was topped off with a Valentine's day party in Luke's classroom. There were strawberries, heart-shaped cookies, and lots of Valentines day cards and candy!!

Part of me was so sad because for the past three years I've taken these types of events for granted...maybe even thought of them as an inconvenience since I have to take time off of work...but, this year was so much different because next year Luke will be in kindergarten. I know I won't have as many opportunities like this, which made today so sweet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Noah 18 months!

My Sweet Angel turned 18 months a couple of days ago. He is SUCH a joy and brings so much laughter and happiness to our family. His sweet, pleasing personality has me wrapped around his little fingers. He is full of hugs and cuddles and loves to be held.

We had Noah's well visit yesterday and he's only 25 pounds, which makes me laugh because Luke weighed 25 pounds at 9 months!! Noah, however, is an inch taller than Luke was at this same age. Rounding things out is his sweet little head...still the 5%. Looking at the charts, Noah is a tall, skinny boy with a sweet pea-sized head! Love, love, love my baby boy!!

Although Noah still isn't talking much, he definitely knows how to communicate. He is an extremely smart boy who understands and obeys. He uses sign language...some of his favorite signs are cracker, orange, cookie and more.

Noah is constantly running to keep up with his big brother, Luke. He doesn't play with baby or age-appropriate toys...he wants batman, trains and big boy balls. Noah is incredibly athletic. He can punt a football, kick a soccer ball and throw almost any ball like a pro!

When I think back on the last 18 months, I'm so deeply grateful for Noah's life. Starting so sick with pyloric stenosis and plagiocephally and seeing how healthy he is today is most definitely a gift from God. I can't for the life of me figure out how I got so lucky to have been given the most precious boys in the world. I am blessed beyond words to have been chosen by God to be their mother.

Happy 18 months baby boy!!!