Friday, August 21, 2009

A visit to Uncle Jeremy's

This weekend we made a trip to Frisco to see my brother and his new baby, Graham. Even though it had only been a few weeks since our last visit, Graham had changed so much. Right now, he reminds me so much of my SIL. My favorite thing about baby "G" is his perfectly round head. Oh, I just want to rub peach-fussy soft...I love it!!

Luke was being camera shy, but Noah sat right down and let us take his picture with his cousin. It's so strange now that Noah is not the "baby" anymore. He's my baby, but seeing him next to Graham made me realize what a big boy he really is!

Granny and Gramps also flew in from FL to meet little "G" for the first time. The boys had a great time seeing them too! Granny said that Noah had changed the most since the last time she saw him because he was up and walking now. His newest skill is being able to push himself up to a standing position without any props to help him pull up. He really does go just about everywhere that Luke does!

We were having a great time, but after a couple of hours the boys started to get fussy...around 5:30ish my boys start to lose their splendor and turn back in to pumpkins. We call it the "witching hour" at our house! So before the magic wore off we loaded up in the van and headed home.

I can't wait until the next time we get to see Jeremy and his family again...Labor day is in a couple of weeks, so hopefully we can get together again then.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Beary Batman Day

Today we celebrated Luke's best girlfriend, Emma's, 4th birthday at Build-a-Bear Workshop! The kids had a blast!!

They started by selecting their bear from three options. Next, they got a heart to put inside, but not before rubbing it on their head so it would be smart, on their muscles so it would be strong, on their tummy so it would never be hungry, on their knee so it would always "need" them, and a few more cute places that I can't remember.

Next, they got to fill their bear at the stuffing machine and wash/dry it at the grooming station. Finally the got to pick out an outfit and dress their bear. There must have been at least 500 clothing options to choose from and wouldn't you know that one of them was Batman!

Luke has had more fun with his bear today, which he creatively named "Luke!" LOL!! Just check them out together...I honestly have never seen a more dynamic duo!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ming Ming Cupcakes

For those of you who aren't familiar, there is a show on Nick Jr. that all the kids love called "The Wonder Pets." Lenny the hamster, Tuck the turtle and Ming Ming the chick are all characters that live in a class room at school where the kids and teachers take care of them. When the kids go home, the "Wonder Pet" save various animals throughout the world. I have to admit that it's a cute show and one of the few I can tolerate to watch over and over every day.

From time-to-time the commercials on that station will show arts and crafts type projects you can do with your kids. Well, recently there has been this commercial for Ming Ming cupcakes. Yellow frosting, a molded Starburst beak, rolled out tootsie-rolls for the hat, etc. Luke has been begging me to make them with him for weeks now. I finally gave in.

I should have realized what I was getting myself in to when the directions clearly stated that "this is a project for parents to do primarily with out the kid!' What the heck! Does Nick Jr. really think that we parents want to be doing this stuff ourselves?

Not to be discouraged, I was going to do this project with Luke and make a happy memory for him!! I'll tell you, after molding 14 Starburst beaks, I decided 14 Ming Ming cup cakes were just going to have to be enough.

When Luke got home I had everything ready so that all we had to do was decorate...the fun part, right? I actually do think he had fun. Although I ended up frosting them, he had fun putting the chocolate chip eyes on and rolling out the tootsie rolls for Ming Ming's pilot hat. And, of course, he enjoyed eating the first cup cake we completed!!

The pictures show how proud he is and it's a good thing they turned out well, because when I asked him if he had fun he said it was kind of boring! LOL! Oh well, I'm making sure a copy of these pictures get put in his baby book so that he never forgets all the fun stuff I did for him!! I suppose this is just what mother's do for their kids. (And I did have a little fun in the process myself.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You never know where a little boy will put his underware

Well, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Yep...that's Luke's underwear stuck on the ledge high in our bathroom. I don't know what he was thinking???

I knew he had done something because he was giggling all by himself when I came in to give him a bath. I asked him what was so funny and he just giggled more and pointed to the ledge. I don't think he could do that again if he tried. I had to get Leo to jump up and get them down. I would have needed a ladder!

Reminds me of a story a friend's mom told me once about the time it "rained underwear" at their house. She had three boys and I apparently rather than bring their dirty underwear inside and fess up that they had an accident, the boys (or one of the boys) would throw their underwear outside on the roof of the house. One day during a bad storm, all these pairs of underwear came washing down off the roof! She couldn't figure out where in the world all the underwear were coming from. She lined the boys up and grilled them for a half an hour, but no one ever admitted to anything. LOL...I can SO see that in my future!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Backpack, Batman and Buddies

This blog is a random assortment of things that has happened over the past couple of days.
We'll start with Noah and his fascination with Luke's new school backpack. The thing is literally as big as Noah is tall, but he is obsessed with wearing it. He looks hilarious walking around the house with it on his back. If I took him out in public like this they would arrest me for breaking child labor laws. Still, he cries to wear it, so while we're at home I let him. Wonder what I'll do when Luke actually has to take it to school?

The next picture is Luke in his batman jammies and mask. These are the pj's that Ms Sherry bought him, but that are 5T's and too small. The first time they brought them home, Ms. Sherry thought she got a 6/7. After taking them back and driving all over town, they realized that the largest size these come in are a 5T. So, in the end, they purchased the 5T's and Luke squeezes himself in them like a stuffed sausage. Just look at how his belly hangs's hysterical!

Finally, Luke and his buddy down the street, Jonathan, have begun Tae kwondo classes at the City of Sachse. Although they are in different classes, they still run in to each other every week. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them together.

So this is my random post about backpacks, Batman and buddies!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rowdy Wrestling with Dad

One of Luke and Noah's favorite things to do is wrestle with their dad. Sometimes it can get pretty rowdy and I used to continually holler at them to settle down. However, after four years with Luke and now Noah joining in, I've learned to just bite my tongue and let them play.

I think it was "Bringing Up Boys" that it explained that rough-housing is how boys show their affection. So, sometimes holding my breath, I watch them fly up in the air, crash on to the couches, wrestle and roll all over the living room

One thing I do love about the boys playing is the sound of Luke and Noah giggling incessantly. No one knows exactly where their ticklish spots are like daddy does... And no one knows the hide-and-seek spots that the boys fall for every time either.

So, although I'm drowning in testosterone right now, deep down I know I'm the queen of the least that's what I'm telling myself for now!!

Sharing Popsicles

I recently purchased some of the old-fashion Tupperware popsicle mold for Luke and boy have we had some fun. I love that I can make apple-juice pops and he thinks he's getting a treat.

Today I made some with Countrytime Lemonade and you would have thought I was mom-of-the-year from the way Luke reacted. I haven't heard so many, "Yes ma'am Mommy's" in a long time!

What was even nicer was when Luke shared his popsicles with Noah. He was so sweet and thoughtful, which are virtues we've been working on a LOT lately. Ah...I love full circle moments like this where I get to see the result of what we've been teaching!! It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it makes my day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Taekwondo Tuesdays

I enrolled Luke in Taekwondo again this week. He took Taekwondo last year, but didn't always want to participate, so we waited a few months before trying it again. His uniform has been hanging in his room and would ask about it from time-to-time. So when the sessions started back up this month I asked him if he thought he was really read to participate. He enthusiastically assured me he was!

I love Taekwondo for so many reasons. It's great reinforcement for all the lessons and virtues we're trying to teach him at home. Each week they earn "clips" on their belts for being respectful, cleaning their room, treating others the way they want to be treated and, of course, practicing is Taekwondo.

We have a chart on the fridge that we fill out each day showing that he mastered the skill or not. It's great motivation for Luke to make right choices and be rewarded at the end of the week.

Check him out in his uniform! He had a great time learning a back-hand punch and practicing balance and coordination as he jumped over the pads on the floor.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spiderman & His Side-kick

Luke has officially made the leap from little-boy to big-boy. No longer is he interested in "baby" stuff. He is all in to Batman, Spiderman, Superfriends, etc. Some of his favorite birthday presents have been his Batman pajamas and his Spiderman costume...along with the action figures and toys of the same theme.

I never know who is going to show up when I turn around. One minute it's Batman. Then next time it's Spiderman.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Luke in the Spiderman costume that Nana bought him. He's so funny when he puts it on. He'll say, "Mommy, you act surprised when you turn around and I'll say, 'It's ok, ma'am...I'm the good Spiderman and I'm here to save the day!'"

Poor Noah just goes along with whatever Luke is pretending. He must think his brother is silly because he laughs and chases after him where ever he goes. It's so neat to see the boys playing together more. I'm so excited for all the fun years ahead!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Let the birthdays begin - Part III Padron Boys' Birthday Bash

Wow! I'm tired! We celebrated all three boys' birthdays yesterday in one big birthday bash! Talk about a circus!! The kids swam, played on the water slide, jumped on the trampoline, played on the swing set, and of course ate lots of cake, ice-cream and pizza.

Papaw & Memaw, uncle Jeremy, Nana, Seth, and a few of Luke's very best buddies from the neighborhood all came to play. The party started at 3:30, but by the time everyone left and we got things cleaned up it was close to 9:00!

Luke has such fun opening all his well as helping Noah and Seth with theirs. Next year I don't think Noah will be so willing to let big brother help! Presents included motorcycles, helicopters, Spiderman costume and jammies, Batman shirt, action figures and so much more!

Nana and Seth go home today, so we're sad. The house will seem empty tomorrow, but we're so happy they come see us several times each year.
Happy birthday Padron boys...Noah, Luke and Seth!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let the birthdays begin - Part II Noah

Yesterday, July 31st, was Noah's first birthday. Although we're celebrating all three of the boys with a big party today, we couldn't let Noah's actual birthday pass without letting him have some cake.

Ms. Sherry found the cutest little chocolate doggie cake made from two cupcakes -- perfect for Noah...and big brother Luke who (of course) wanted in on the action.

Things started fairly slow as Noah delicately put one finger in the frosting at a time. He did this for about five minutes and savored each lick of his finger. Being impatient as I am, I eventually went over and mushed his entire hand in the cake. Well, that was all it took for him to get in to it. By the time Noah was done, he looked like the chocolate cake! Fun!

In a few hours our house will begin to fill with kids and parents. We're celebrating Noah turning 1, Luke turning 4 and Seth turning 17. Should be a fun, and messy, time!!!