Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snaggle-tooth Luke

Luke lost his first top tooth tonight! It was after a long day of running around and baseball games that he finally let me yank it! It was really barely hanging on. In fact, when you looked at him it appeared as if he had a really crooked tooth. Not so...just a really loose tooth! A slight crisis occurred when, after sealing it in a ziplock baggie, it somehow fell out. Waterworks immediatley ensued, but we found it in the sheets of our bed. Whew! Crisis averted! I am eager for Luke to wake up. I know he'll come running out here to show me what the tooth fairy left him for his tooth. He's sure to be excited about being a dollar richer! For the recap: Luke is 6 years old, in first grade and has lost two bottom teeth and one top tooth! My boys are growing up!!

Noah - Bad Guy Food

For a couple of weeks now Noah has been jabbering off and on about making "bad guy food." I would find him with a little wad of toilet paper or a handfull of trash and ask him what he was doing, to which he would reply, "It's for the bad guy food!" I must admit, I blew it off as just another silly boy thing he was imagining. Today, however, I discovered what he was talking about...and it was not just something he dreamed up. Indeed, in our small cooler outside, I discovered a disguisting, mess of soupy slop that included water, mud, grass, trash, and old food that he didn't want to eat. It was the nastiest thing I have come across in a while...and that is saying something considering I'm still changing diapers! Noah was SO proud of his bad guy food when I took his picture. Just look at that face. He could not be more pleased with himself. What makes this even funnier is that when I called Leo to tell him about my discovery he simply said, "Oh yeah...that's his bad guy soup. He's been stirring it up for about a week now!" Gross...I suppose this is just what life is going to be like in a housefull of little boys! Even so, I do love dirty, stinky, butt-scratching, booger-eating, loud little boys!

Luke - Perfect Attendance

Luke received the perfect attendance award at school for the first six-weeks of 2011, 1st grade! We also received the results of his Texas reading assessment and he's reading like a champ! So proud of my big boy!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Noah - The Nurturing Momma Bird

Noah gathered up a bunch of our golf balls this morning, sat on them and covered himself with a blanket. When I asked him what he was doing he said, "Sitting on my eggs!" As if it was a really obvious thing. I then asked him what he was hatching? In a dumbfounded tone he said, "Birdies, Mom!" This kid is so funny! He definitely keeps us laughing!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall 2011 Baseball

Luke is really having fun playing baseball this season. And, I have to admit, he's getting quite good at it! He's taking the game much more seriously, which you can tell just by looking at his stance in some of these pictures. It's so cute to see him watching baseball on TV and he's just now getting in to the whole win/lose thing. His little competitive spirit is coming out and I can see that testosterone start to do it's thing. This season he's playing a new position for the first time: catcher. He likes all the pads and equipment...and especially that he gets to wear a 'cup'. It's really quite hilarious. He's also a darn good first baseman. He caught the ball twice yesterday for outs on the other team! His batting stance has also improved. He hit the ball twice and scored points for his team. These things together are what won Luke the game ball! He was so excited. There are only 3 games left in this season and then we'll take some time off over the winter to focus on his music talents. This boy has music in him for sure! It's such a privilege to uncover the gifts God has put in my boys. It's like a treasure hunt as we discover their passions and talents.I pray I'm able to foster and guide them in the way they should go to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives. Love my boys!