Friday, July 2, 2010

Birthday Presents for Mama

My birthday was a few days ago and what a day it was!! The very first person to wish me happy birthday was Luke. He was so cute as he walked out of his room, still wearing his undies, rubbing his eyes saying, "Happy Birthday Mommy! It's your special day so I'm going to be extra nice to you today!" He then gave me a dollar from his wallet and seven pennies! That boy can be so sweet and thoughtful!! Melted my heart!

As the morning went on, all sorts of packages started arriving!!! I was spoiled with lots of fun cooking devices from Express Cooker, Cafe Frappe machine, fruit infusion pitcher, and several different chopper/slicer gadgets. The boys also received a few fun surprises: the each got a big, cushy, animal pillow and some fun party plates.

Even though the cooking gift were for me, Granny said she thought Luke would have fun with them too...and boy was she right!! Luke and I have used the Xpress cooker each day. We started by making a recipe from the cookbook that was included with the cooker...biscuit, egg, cheese and ham breakfast sandwiches. For lunch, we made cheesy pigs in a blanket with biscuits, hot dogs and cheese. This morning I made myself the lightest, fluffiest, quickest omelet ever!! Luke requested cheesy pigs in a blanket again for lunch.

I also made a big pitcher of lemon, strawberry, grape infused water. It's a nice twist on the water that I love so much. I'm eager to try oranges, watermelon and other fruits too. Healthy and tasty!

Although I made a vanilla, cinnamon, caramel frappe, I forgot to take a picture of it. It was delicious! I honestly don't know if I'll ever have to go back to Starbucks again! What a great way to control the ingredients and sugar, but also to save money!!! I love it!!

For dinner, Leo took me to my favorite Mexican/Salvadorian restaurant, Gloria's. I had my favorite sour cream chicken enchiladas. We ended the evening with a trip to Bahama Buck's for a strawberry colada snow cone.

Even though I had to work, I loved everything about the day! Most of all I love my family and how much they fill my life with meaning and purpose and joy. I am truly a blessed woman, beyond what I deserve!

Happy Birthday to me!

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