Sunday, July 18, 2010

Buccaneers at Bounce-U

Luke and Noah celebrated their 5th and 2nd birthdays at Bounce-U this year. This place is amazing. Two huge rooms are filled with inflatable obstacle courses, super-slides, basketball hoops, climbing tunnels, a boxing ring, table hockey and more!

Twenty-five of Luke and Noah's friends came to play, along with Uncle Jeremy, Aunt Sarah and cousin Graham...who was completely in awe of all the activity and more interested in the fans that pump air in to the inflatables than anything else! Too cute!

I would have to say the super-slides were one of the boys favorite things...and when I say "boys", I mean all the boys...including daddy! It was so funny to watch all the fathers "help" their kids go down the slides by riding with them.

One of Luke's favorite games is table hockey and since it was his birthday, he got to play all he wanted! I'm actually glad we ran out of quarters because I'm not sure he would have played on much else had we not!

After 45 minutes in each room, it was our turn in the party room. It was decorated with pirate balloons, pirate hats and the cutest pirate cupcakes with skulls and cross bones and pirate eye patches. Each buccaneer received a treasure bag with lots of pirate loot inside including bandannas, eye patches, gold coins, tattoos, stickers and more!

Everyone had a great time and it was such a wonderful memory having all our sweet friends together to celebrate. The boys received so many special hand-made gifts and I loved the eco-friendly reusable gift bags. We have the best people in our lives and are so blessed to have shared this special day with them!!

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