Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!!

Happy Birthday to the bravest little fire fighter I know - Nathaniel Noah! If I had to guess what you would be when  you grow up, there is no doubt it would be a fireman. You love fire trucks and going to "work" ...which you insist is the fire station at the entrance to our neighborhood. Every time you pass by you ask me to drop you off there. When I don't, you get upset and tell me you are going to be late & get fired. You are so serious about it. It makes me smile every time.

Other things you like are being outside, digging in dirt, finding worms, lizards and caterpillars. You are ALL boy - loud, sweaty, sticky, dirty and completely sweet! Your dimples and big brown eyes melt my heart. Your hugs are the best - so big they hurt! I love everything about you and am so grateful God gave you to me here on this earth.

Friday, July 5, 2013

PineCove Base Camp - Luke Summer 2013

Luke had such an awesome week at PineCove Base Camp. I knew this was something I wanted him to experience and that God would have incredible things in store, but I really couldn't imagine how fantastic it would truly be. 

Luke faced his fear of heights, trusted God, was encouraged by his friends and (most of all) had fun! He LOVED the water slide and told me about all the different ways he slid down...head first, reclining, cannon-ball style and more!

The mammoth hunt was a favorite too. Camp counselors put socks on their hands & the boys had to try to wrestle them off. Big tarps were wet down with soap & water making them super slippery. I'm certain this is one of the reasons Luke came home exhausted every night!

At the big, group rally on the last day of camp, Prince presented Luke with an award for outstanding character qualities displayed during the week. 

"Luke is brave, allowing him to approach new situations. He is insightful and able to explain difficult concepts. Luke is authentic, expressing himself truthfully. 

It was a life-changing week for Luke. We are so blessed he had this opportunity!!