Monday, July 9, 2012

VBS - 1st Baptist Sachse

This week it's time for another VBS! This time 1st Baptist of Sachse is hosting. Luke is reconnecting with his old friends Evan, Nicholas & Michael. All son's of my friends from the Wylie Moms' group. It's SO neat for us to see them together and know they have "known" each other since they were babies. Today Luke made some arts & crafts, had game time in the gym & learned about Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego...and how the angel of the Lord saved them from the fire because they would not bow down & worship the statue. The neat part about this is that Luke's very first Mother's Day Out teacher, Ms. Jaime, was the story teller. I remember meeting her when Luke was 10 months old and learning she had 3 boys of her own. I told her, at the time, "I bet I could learn a lot from you!" Who would have known that 7  years later I would have 3 boys of my own! Coincidence? I think not. God knew just what he was doing!!

Happy 7th Birthday Luke - 2012

I'm sure I'll write this every year, but I can not believe my baby has turned another year older! 7 years - how is that possible? Where did the time go?  On one hand it seems like forever; on the other hand it seems like just yesterday.

We had a laid-back day - starting with pictures in front of the decorated  fireplace mantle & Luke's "Chair of Honor" adorned in streamers & balloons.  A donut breakfast followed...Luke's choice, of course. Then we played at Papaw's for a while. When we came home, Luke could not wait one more second to open his birthday presents. He received an authentic Texas Rangers jersey, new shoes, a fedora style hat that he picked out, a jump rope, watch & 2 baseballs!

We ended the day with Luke's birthday dinner - crab legs & shrimp - again, his choice. Delicious, I have to admit!  We had Oreo cake & ice cream. The perfect ending to a happy birthday!

ALL STARS Baseball 2012

Luke & 5 members of his Cardinals team made the All Stars team this year! He was so excited to play in this game and let me tell you, he did not disappoint. He hit every single ball that was thrown to him - several pop flies way out in to the outfield.  He also caught several balls, helping his team to get the other team's players out.  They won the game by a landslide! It was awesome!! Luke is really progressing in his skills!  Looking forward to Fall ball in a few months!

Wylie Wave Day-Camp - Artful Antics

Luke had so much fun at the Wylie Wave Day Camp last week. Organized by the rec center, each week has a different "theme."  This week was "Artful Antics" and the field trip was to the Dallas Museum of Art & Science.

I have to admit I was a little worried about leaving my big boy at a new place, with new people and no friends, but he had a blast! He actually came home and told me his day was, "Outstanding!"

Each day they do arts & crafts, play games, and go outside. Twice a week they go swimming or to a park. Once a week they go on a big field trip. 

It was a great week for Luke! These picture show him acting like the "water fountain statues" that he saw at the museum. It was hilarious as he posed for the camera!!