Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Funday with Aunt Niki

Monday Aunt Niki was feeling really brave and decided to take the boys out for some fun.

They started their day at the park at Firewheel where they played for over an hour! Next the stopped for snacks at Sonic before heading over to Build-A-Bear where they made a mommy bear and baby bear. So sweet!

Finally, they headed to the movie theater where they watched, Megamind. Before leaving though, they stopped at the arcade where they played a few games...a special treat because it's something Mommy would never take the time to let them do.

By the time Aunt Niki got home she was exhausted and had decided she was NOT ready for children full time! (Haha!) The boys were also ready for naps...both of them! (And I can't remember the last time Luke took a nap!)

What a Funday Monday. Thank you Aunt Niki!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harvest Tea at the Arboretum

It's become a tradition...when Niki visits, we always go to high tea at the Arboretum. It's such a fun, girlie thing to do and we've both come to really enjoy it.

This time of year is Harvest Tea. The butternut squash soup is delicious!! It's my favorite soup served out of all the teas. We had apple spice tea with this course. Next we had a variety of tea sandwiches: banana bread with cream cheese, cranberry orange with turkey, and my favorite, cucumber sandwich!! With this course we had peach tea. The service closed with a sinful variety of desserts: pumpkin tarts, black forest brownies, my favorite pecan bars and their world famous scones served with clotted cream and jam. MmmmMmmm!

Even better than the food is the company and fun memories Niki and I are making. I love having my family here...especially at the holidays!

Morning Snuggles

Both the boys love to snuggle up in a blanket when they first wake up in the morning. It's especially tough for Luke because he has to get up so early to be at kindergarten by 7:15am. To help make the transition a little easier, I snuggle them up on the couch in a blanket while I make their breakfast. It's such a quite, calm, sweet time of day that I stopped this morning to take a couple of pictures. My babies are growing up so quickly and I want to remember these moments. I know these are the times I'll look back on one day and miss. My sweet boys have given me so much purpose and fulfillment...I love the love they bring to life!!

Spirit Sleeves

Not too long ago, we bought Luke a Wally Watkins Wrangler's shirt to wear on Fridays to their Wrangler Round-Up pep rallies. Luke loves Fridays because of all the fun activities during the assembly. I love Fridays because I don't have to think about what Luke is going to wear to school.

Recently though, the weather has turned cooler and I wasn't sure if he'd be able to continue to wear just a t-shirt. About that time I got an order form from the school for something called spirit sleeves. I'd never heard of them, but thought the description sounded perfect to extend the life of Luke's t-shirt.

So, we bought a pair and boy does Luke like them! He was so excited to be able to wear them that he immediately put them on and even wore them to bed that night! The next day was equally exciting when he went to school wearing them.

I love seeing my big-boy so excited about school activities. These spirit sleeves are such a neat idea!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Noah's 1st Music Program at LAP

Noah "performed" in his first music program at the Learning Academy Preschool on Monday evening. I say "performed" because all he really did was stand there...maybe he mumbled a few words, but that was about it. He definitely doesn't enjoy the spotlight quite as much as his big brother Luke does...who stole the show when he was 2years old. None-the-less, I was such a proud mommy sitting in the audience watching my Sweet Angel on stage.

I actually think the excitement leading up to the performance was more fun for Noah. We dressed him in his handsome button up shirt and matching brown jeans. Then, to my surprise, he insisted on wearing his cowboy boots...which made him look like SUCH a big boy. Oh, he was excited to walk out that door so spiffily dressed!

After his performance, he was very happy to see daddy, Luke and Ms. Sherry waiting for him. We all gave him big hugs and high-fives.

I can't wait until the next performance at the end of the school year. Maybe by then he will have come out of his shell just a bit!

Luke's First Baseball Trophy

Luke's first baseball season is over, but the baseball party celebrating their success was this past weekend. All Luke's buddies were treated to baseball shaped cupcakes and treats ...and plans for next season were made.

Chris, Dale and Leo will all return as coaches...and even though Leo wasn't an official coach this year, they still gave him a thoughtful coach's present and gift certificate for all he had done during the season.

The highlight of the party was when all the boys received trophies with their names engraved on them. Luke was SO excited. He held on to the trophy the entire day until we finally convinced him to put it on display in the china cabinet so that he didn't lose it or his little brother didn't break it.

I'm sure this is only the one of many baseball trophies to come over the years. Until next season, we'll be practicing batting, catching and the fundamentals of the game!

Potty Pals

It takes a real friend to be with you through the ups and downs of life. I believe that entertaining your little brother while he learns to go to the bathroom on the big boy potty qualifies as such!

Noah has done a really good job with potty training...he actually pretty much taught himself much earlier than any of us would attempted to teach him. However, the ability to wait to go to the bathroom until he gets to a potty...and the willingness to wait until he gets to the potty are two different issues.

Developmentally, Noah has it mastered...the willing part is not something he is always on board with. He's just so darn smart and knows that if he has a pull up on, he can go to the bathroom in it without making a mess and being uncomfortable. So, we wear cloth undies most of the time...or, if Noah has his way, bare-bottomed.

Luke has been such a good big brother though...always patiently explaining to Noah and showing him where we are supposed to go to the bathroom. He even goes so far as to make sure Noah has some light reading materials and/or a narrator to do the actual reading for him.

It's so funny to watch them sitting down together ...Noah on the potty ...Luke reading the book. Moments like these make up for all the arguments over who had what toy first. I love seeing my boys interact as brothers...and best friends.

Sweet boys = one blessed mama!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

34 weeks...and counting

Exactly 5 weeks from today we will be holding our new baby boy! I'm so excited thinking about how sweet and joyful that day will be.

I'm also growing anxious about all the things I have yet to do. I guess I just thought that since I was having another boy that I didn't need to do anything. The problem with that is Luke and Noah were born in July...this baby will be born in December. That means I need lots of warm newborn things that I hadn't thought about.

My doctor's appointment went well. I'm measuring small at 31cm and it looks like the baby is face up, with his back to my back, which is also lending itself to the fact that I look so small. Everyone is shocked to find out I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Good thing I'm having a CSection, otherwise we'd be looking in to techniques to turn the baby.

We still haven't decided on a final baby name. Christian Cruz and Justus Jude are at the top of our list. I guess we better finalize that too!

5 more weeks...I can't wait!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Game of the Brave's Season

Last Saturday was the last game in Luke's baseball season. The Atlanta Braves tied the game and enjoyed great end to a fun-filled season.

Luke nailed a coach pitch and earned a double. He played second base and stopped several balls too.

The Spring season starts in April and Luke is excited to see all his friends again. Over half of the kids on his team he's known since he was a baby from either preschool or the Wylie moms' group.

Until then, we'll be practicing batting and catching with our little slugger super-star!!