Saturday, August 21, 2010

Noah's 1st Poop in the Potty!

Only a parent would want to write about and document something like this, but we were SO darned excited when Noah pooped in the potty for the first time this week.

He's actually been wearing undies and pee-peeing in the potty at Christy's for some time, but he's resisted at home. The other day though, he kept pulling at his diaper and saying, "poop!" I checked him over and over and said, "you didn't poop!" Finally, we took off his diaper for tubby-time and he went over to his little potty chair and pooped in it.

I wasn't really paying attention, because he sits on it all the time and never does anything. Luke was actually the one who noticed...and then Noah proudly came walking out holding his potty chair to show us what he had made!

We were all in shock and started dancing around and signing the potty song. Noah was yelling, "YAY! YAY!"

I don't know if I've just been lucky or what, but both of my boys have taken an early interest in potty-training. We've just gone along with their cues and have had two really good experiences. I know that with preschool starting next week, it will only reinforce what Noah is already doing. Potty training in preschool is the one time peer pressure is a positive thing!

One thing is for sure...I would LOVE for Noah to be out of diapers by the time this new baby boy arrives!!!