Saturday, August 21, 2010

Meet the Teacher!

Last night we went to Luke's first, "Meet the Teacher" night at Wally Watkins Elementary. Luke's teacher is Ms. Wilcox, a young teacher who is new to the school district. His class is the first door on the right in the kindergarten hall and it's brightly decorated in primary colors and fun pictures.

Luke immediately noticed the two computers in his room and sat right down. He was also drawn to the computer lab, which is an entire class room filled with computers! He also really liked the music room, which is an entire room with all kinds of neat, new instruments. His other area of interest was the outside play ground. He saw it when we drove up and asked if he would be able to play on it today.

Even though Luke is a little nervous and says he wants to stay home with me, I think he'll really enjoy being at school. He did great in preschool and loves activities, arts & crafts, playing outside and music.

What's not to be excited about right!! Now, if only mommy can keep the anxieties hidden and tears from flowing until I get Luke dropped off and am safely back in the car. I have friends meeting me for coffee after to help keep my mind occupied until I get to pick him back up again. It's so hard to believe my first baby boy is starting school. I remember back 5 years ago to the first time he was placed in my arms. It doesn't seem possible that in a five year span, I have been blessed with three beautiful boys! Life is going to be a barrel full of monkeys at the Padron house!

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