Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oh Baby! It's a BOY!!

Friday, July 30th, Leo, Luke and I went to my ultrasound appointment to find out if we were having another boy or a girl.

Surprise,'s a BOY!!!

It's so funny because everyone had been telling us it was a girl...friends, family, strangers...not one person was even on the fence about whether it was a girl or not. The overwhelming, 100% consensus, was that I was having a girl! Funny how God works...what a kick he must have gotten out of watching everyone speculate and make predictions!

I think the reason people react that way is because they assume that after two boys (three for Leo) that we must really want a girl. While that certainly is true to some extent, I love my boys with all my heart and there are so many reasons why I am thrilled that we are being blessed with another.

Don't get me wrong, before finding out, I was having fun dreaming about bows and ruffles, pink and purple; however, for every reason that I was excited about the possibility of a girl, there were equal reasons that I was excited about it being another boy. I mean, come on, we're more than 1/2 way to making our own basketball team, right!!

So now we're on to picking out names, thinking about what a newborn will need in winter since Luke and Noah were born in the summer, and making the last little arrangements for our new baby boy!!

Let the fun begin...bring on the dirt, the frogs, the fart jokes, the wrestling, the little white tank tops and all the things that make little boys so funny and special!!

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