Monday, August 9, 2010

More Crab!

Last night we had steamed crab legs and shrimp scampi for dinner...not something you would think a toddler would necessarily like to eat. Well, Noah certainly blows that theory out of the water. He LOVES it!!! So much so that we could not shell them fast enough for him. All throughout dinner he kept yelling, "More crab! More Crab!" It was so funny that I had to get the camera and record him. He's so stinkin' cute...even more so because he always says "thank you" and "please." He is honestly one of the most polite kids I know. He will bring something over, hand it to us and say, "Thank you" because he know that is what you are supposed to say when someone give you something. Sweet Angel is the definitely the right nick-name for this boy...although after dinner last night we're thinking about changing that to crab monster!

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