Saturday, August 1, 2009

Let the birthdays begin - Part II Noah

Yesterday, July 31st, was Noah's first birthday. Although we're celebrating all three of the boys with a big party today, we couldn't let Noah's actual birthday pass without letting him have some cake.

Ms. Sherry found the cutest little chocolate doggie cake made from two cupcakes -- perfect for Noah...and big brother Luke who (of course) wanted in on the action.

Things started fairly slow as Noah delicately put one finger in the frosting at a time. He did this for about five minutes and savored each lick of his finger. Being impatient as I am, I eventually went over and mushed his entire hand in the cake. Well, that was all it took for him to get in to it. By the time Noah was done, he looked like the chocolate cake! Fun!

In a few hours our house will begin to fill with kids and parents. We're celebrating Noah turning 1, Luke turning 4 and Seth turning 17. Should be a fun, and messy, time!!!

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