Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Backpack, Batman and Buddies

This blog is a random assortment of things that has happened over the past couple of days.
We'll start with Noah and his fascination with Luke's new school backpack. The thing is literally as big as Noah is tall, but he is obsessed with wearing it. He looks hilarious walking around the house with it on his back. If I took him out in public like this they would arrest me for breaking child labor laws. Still, he cries to wear it, so while we're at home I let him. Wonder what I'll do when Luke actually has to take it to school?

The next picture is Luke in his batman jammies and mask. These are the pj's that Ms Sherry bought him, but that are 5T's and too small. The first time they brought them home, Ms. Sherry thought she got a 6/7. After taking them back and driving all over town, they realized that the largest size these come in are a 5T. So, in the end, they purchased the 5T's and Luke squeezes himself in them like a stuffed sausage. Just look at how his belly hangs's hysterical!

Finally, Luke and his buddy down the street, Jonathan, have begun Tae kwondo classes at the City of Sachse. Although they are in different classes, they still run in to each other every week. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them together.

So this is my random post about backpacks, Batman and buddies!!

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