Sunday, August 9, 2009

Rowdy Wrestling with Dad

One of Luke and Noah's favorite things to do is wrestle with their dad. Sometimes it can get pretty rowdy and I used to continually holler at them to settle down. However, after four years with Luke and now Noah joining in, I've learned to just bite my tongue and let them play.

I think it was "Bringing Up Boys" that it explained that rough-housing is how boys show their affection. So, sometimes holding my breath, I watch them fly up in the air, crash on to the couches, wrestle and roll all over the living room

One thing I do love about the boys playing is the sound of Luke and Noah giggling incessantly. No one knows exactly where their ticklish spots are like daddy does... And no one knows the hide-and-seek spots that the boys fall for every time either.

So, although I'm drowning in testosterone right now, deep down I know I'm the queen of the least that's what I'm telling myself for now!!

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  1. That is the same scene that takes place daily at our house. I am terrified someone is going to get hurt but they are having a great time. With 3 boys, I know ER trips are inevitable in our future! Miss seeing you and your boys!!