Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Beary Batman Day

Today we celebrated Luke's best girlfriend, Emma's, 4th birthday at Build-a-Bear Workshop! The kids had a blast!!

They started by selecting their bear from three options. Next, they got a heart to put inside, but not before rubbing it on their head so it would be smart, on their muscles so it would be strong, on their tummy so it would never be hungry, on their knee so it would always "need" them, and a few more cute places that I can't remember.

Next, they got to fill their bear at the stuffing machine and wash/dry it at the grooming station. Finally the got to pick out an outfit and dress their bear. There must have been at least 500 clothing options to choose from and wouldn't you know that one of them was Batman!

Luke has had more fun with his bear today, which he creatively named "Luke!" LOL!! Just check them out together...I honestly have never seen a more dynamic duo!!

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