Friday, August 14, 2009

Ming Ming Cupcakes

For those of you who aren't familiar, there is a show on Nick Jr. that all the kids love called "The Wonder Pets." Lenny the hamster, Tuck the turtle and Ming Ming the chick are all characters that live in a class room at school where the kids and teachers take care of them. When the kids go home, the "Wonder Pet" save various animals throughout the world. I have to admit that it's a cute show and one of the few I can tolerate to watch over and over every day.

From time-to-time the commercials on that station will show arts and crafts type projects you can do with your kids. Well, recently there has been this commercial for Ming Ming cupcakes. Yellow frosting, a molded Starburst beak, rolled out tootsie-rolls for the hat, etc. Luke has been begging me to make them with him for weeks now. I finally gave in.

I should have realized what I was getting myself in to when the directions clearly stated that "this is a project for parents to do primarily with out the kid!' What the heck! Does Nick Jr. really think that we parents want to be doing this stuff ourselves?

Not to be discouraged, I was going to do this project with Luke and make a happy memory for him!! I'll tell you, after molding 14 Starburst beaks, I decided 14 Ming Ming cup cakes were just going to have to be enough.

When Luke got home I had everything ready so that all we had to do was decorate...the fun part, right? I actually do think he had fun. Although I ended up frosting them, he had fun putting the chocolate chip eyes on and rolling out the tootsie rolls for Ming Ming's pilot hat. And, of course, he enjoyed eating the first cup cake we completed!!

The pictures show how proud he is and it's a good thing they turned out well, because when I asked him if he had fun he said it was kind of boring! LOL! Oh well, I'm making sure a copy of these pictures get put in his baby book so that he never forgets all the fun stuff I did for him!! I suppose this is just what mother's do for their kids. (And I did have a little fun in the process myself.)

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