Thursday, August 13, 2009

You never know where a little boy will put his underware

Well, the pictures pretty much speak for themselves. Yep...that's Luke's underwear stuck on the ledge high in our bathroom. I don't know what he was thinking???

I knew he had done something because he was giggling all by himself when I came in to give him a bath. I asked him what was so funny and he just giggled more and pointed to the ledge. I don't think he could do that again if he tried. I had to get Leo to jump up and get them down. I would have needed a ladder!

Reminds me of a story a friend's mom told me once about the time it "rained underwear" at their house. She had three boys and I apparently rather than bring their dirty underwear inside and fess up that they had an accident, the boys (or one of the boys) would throw their underwear outside on the roof of the house. One day during a bad storm, all these pairs of underwear came washing down off the roof! She couldn't figure out where in the world all the underwear were coming from. She lined the boys up and grilled them for a half an hour, but no one ever admitted to anything. LOL...I can SO see that in my future!

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