Saturday, January 22, 2011

Super-Spy Luke

Ever since Luke received a Target gift card from Granny & Gramps, he's been enamored with this section of spy toys at the store. Each time we go, he picks a new spy gadget to buy.

This time he decided on two different toys. First, is a walkie-talkie set so that he can communicate top secret information to me. The second was a spy-kit that includes a finger laser bean, a motion detector alarm system, a disk shooter, and more.

It's hilarious to watch him hide out in the dark in our room just waiting for a bad guy to enter. As I walked in, I was blinded by the red laser beam and startled by the motion detector alarm. That was followed up by a bombardment of little red disk flying through the air at me.

When I asked to take his picture, he kept making all these funny "bad" faces. Look out 007...Super-spy Luke is on the job!

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