Sunday, January 2, 2011

Padron Brothers

Today the "big" boys met their little brother for the first time. I'm so grateful my friend, Sharon, was there to take pictures and capture the preciousness of the moment.

Luke and Noah were absolutely smitten with their baby brother! The expression on their faces says it all! Luke wanted to hold Cruz immediately and was so gentle with him. I wasn't sure how Noah would react or if he would understand, but he was truly in awe of this new little being in our family.

Seth is an experienced brother, with FOUR little brothers of his own now...but, he was also captivated by his newest baby brother. He kept saying, "Awe...he's so cute!"

I love seeing all my boys together. I'm completely overwhelmed by the love and blessings that God has so abundantly lavished on us. I just can't fathom his trust and faith in my abilities as a parent. I will spend everyday in complete dependence on Him to live as the mother these precious little boys deserve.

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