Friday, January 21, 2011

After Christmas Fun

One of the Christmas gifts Granny and Gramps gave all of us were gift certificates to Target. Luke was especially delighted and has been dreaming & planning all the things he wanted to buy ever since. Well, we finally got around to going and (as if I had any doubt) Luke found many fun things.

First on his list was a tool belt...a real tool belt...and a hard hat! He's so obsessed with being a grown up "worker" and this was just what he needed to validate his status!

Next, he found some super-cool fireman rain boots. They were so neat that we got a pair for Noah too! These came just in time, as it rained this week and both boys shoes were sitting muddy on the back porch.

We also ran across an area of the toy section that had "spy" toys. Luke lit up like a Christmas tree as we explored all the toy options. He ended up chosing a spy watch that has eight different super-spy features and a voice changer that disguises his voice in several different sounds & tones.

Last but not least, Luke has REALLY enjoyed all the arts and craft supplies that Granny & Gramps gave him for Christmas. He has colored, drawn with markers, painted with waterpaints & acrylic paints, as well as made several snakes and caterpillars with the modeling clay!

Granny and Gramps always know just what to get us and we are so thankful for their generosity and thoughtfulness. Best of all, we haven't come close to spending all of the gift certificate, so we will have great fun the next time we go to the store too!

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