Thursday, January 13, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was extra-special with the addition of our newest baby boy, Cruz! No other gift really comes close to him, of course. However, we did have many other things to be thankful for.

First off, Nana and Aunt Niki were here. We absolutely LOVE having family here at the holidays, so having family from both sides was especially wonderful!

One of my most precious gifts was the necklace and ring set that Luke gave me. His school has a holiday store that he gets to shop in and pick out gifts for the special people in his life. We sent him with a certain amount of money and a budget for each person on his list. He spent a big part of his budget picking out two gifts for me. It melted my heart to listen to him explain how he decided what to get.

I believe Luke would say that one of his favorite gifts was his skateboard. He asked Santa for it last year, but didn't get it and he reminded Santa of that when he sat on his lap again this year! We decided 5 years old was old enough to get a skateboard, as long as he wore ALL his pads and helmet. He was SO excited to put on all his gear and show off!

Noah was delighted to get a coat that looks like a fireman's jacket! He put it on right away and didn't take it off the entire morning. He also thought his 3-&-1 Zebra was pretty cool. It is a walker, ride on toy and scooter!

Looking back on the day, I can see the finger-prints of God all over it. We had such a wonderful morning, lounging around in our Christmas pajamas, enjoying our family and celebrating Jesus' birthday. We are so blessed and will always be grateful for the love and grace that Father God pours out on our family every day.

Merry Christmas 2010 and Happy Birthday Jesus!

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