Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Final Christmas Visit

Wrapping up the holidays was a special visit from Granny and Gramps. They drove all the way from FL to meet baby Cruz and spend the New Year with us!

It was such a special treat to keep up our Christmas tree and decorations and extra week. The boys were delighted to have one more Christmas morning, complete with a whole set of new presents!

Luke and Noah both got huge boxes of art & craft supplies: watercolors, acrylic pants, finger paints, markers, crayons, modeling clay and more! Their big Christmas present was a gift certificate to Target! Both boys (with a little guidance from Mom & Dad) can now pick out whatever they would like!! Luke was especially delighted since he can "pay" like a grown up!

While they were here, Luke was in school, so Granny and Gramps had some special Noah time. I think Noah gave Gramps a run for his money!! Those two spent more time outside playing baseball, swinging, looking for air planes in the sky and who knows what else. The one thing I do know is that every time Gramps came inside Noah said, "Grimps outside me!" He just didn't want to be anywhere without him!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention, as one of the highlights of their visit, a trip to Yougurtville! It has quickly become one of our favorite places to go...and I think it's one of Gramps' favorite places now too. Such a delight to explain to him about the wall of yogurt flavor choices and the bar of toppings!

It was a sad day when Granny and Gramps went home for so many reasons. We were really sad to see them go, but it also marked the end of our holiday season and the last of all our visitors to go home. We are now officially on our own as a family of five! That is both a scary and amazingly wonderful thought!!

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