Thursday, May 12, 2011

Noah & His Dump Truck

Granny and Gramps sent Noah a big surprise for finally completing potty training...a big green dump truck! What a HUGE hit! Noah has not stopped "picking up trash" from around the house since he got it.

He's picked up so much trash, in fact, that I had to find out what all exactly he had in there. I was shocked when I dumped it out to find (among other things) Lincoln logs, popcorn kernels, snack wrappers, straws, action figures, and an alien!

He loves this dump truck so much in fact that when I threatened to take it away this morning if Noah didn't take his medicine that he immediately took it without one other word!!

So, not only did this dump truck help incent Noah to potty train, it's also leverage for good behavior today!! YAY!!

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