Sunday, October 23, 2011

Noah - Bad Guy Food

For a couple of weeks now Noah has been jabbering off and on about making "bad guy food." I would find him with a little wad of toilet paper or a handfull of trash and ask him what he was doing, to which he would reply, "It's for the bad guy food!" I must admit, I blew it off as just another silly boy thing he was imagining. Today, however, I discovered what he was talking about...and it was not just something he dreamed up. Indeed, in our small cooler outside, I discovered a disguisting, mess of soupy slop that included water, mud, grass, trash, and old food that he didn't want to eat. It was the nastiest thing I have come across in a while...and that is saying something considering I'm still changing diapers! Noah was SO proud of his bad guy food when I took his picture. Just look at that face. He could not be more pleased with himself. What makes this even funnier is that when I called Leo to tell him about my discovery he simply said, "Oh yeah...that's his bad guy soup. He's been stirring it up for about a week now!" Gross...I suppose this is just what life is going to be like in a housefull of little boys! Even so, I do love dirty, stinky, butt-scratching, booger-eating, loud little boys!

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