Friday, July 29, 2011

Ballard Street Performing Arts Music Camp!

Luke had a great time this week (for the second time this summer) at the Ballard Street of Performing Art's music camp!

This week he learned to play the hand bells, auto-harp, keyboard and xylophone. Special guests were Mr. Jeremy on the drums, Mr. Rob on the guitar and Ms. Penny on the flute. And all though they were all extremely talented, Luke's favorite (by far) were the drums!

I was so impressed when I came to his music program today and he had not only learned to read musical notes on the staff, he also learned to play a song!!

Luke's excitement and progress has me thinking he might have a real gift here, so I'm enrolling him in the Ballard Street Kids music program this year and maybe, just maybe, some private lessons with Mr. Jeremy!!

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