Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweet Watermelon, Sweet Boys

There's not much sweeter on a hot summer day than a cold piece of fresh, ripe watermelon! Not much sweeter that is, unless you are talking about my boys.

We've been playing outside on the patio and swimming in the pool every day when Noah wakes up from his nap. We have to eat a snack first though! If there's one thing a growing boy needs it's food...and lots of it! I'm actually a little frightened to think about just how much food these boys are going to need as they get older.

Noah and Luke both LOVE watermelon. It's the perfect snack to eat outside on a hot summer day. We buy at least one watermelon each week and go through it in a couple of days at the most. When we're all done eating and sticky from the mess, we just jump in the pool and rinse off. Such a refreshing way to spend the late afternoon hours until daddy gets home from work and I start cooking dinner.

The boys also LOVE to take pictures with our digital camera. Luke is actually not bad, so I let him snap a few shots yesterday. Noah can't take pictures yet, but he's really good at yelling, "CHEESE!" He'll actually walk around the house with other things saying "cheese" while he pretends to take pictures. Too sweet!!

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