Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Package from Granny and Gramps

Today we received a surprise package of goodies from Granny and Gramps! Luke was especially excited to have one of the packages come directly to him, with HIS name on it!!

Inside were the cutest Destin/gator T-shirts that glow in the dark!! Both boys wanted to put them right on after their tubbies. And later that night when Luke went to bed he excited called for me to come to his room. There, in the dark, the gator on his shirt was glowing. He thought that was SO COOL!!!

Also in their package was some fizzy bath tablet that change the color of the bath water. The boys decided to mix the red and blue to make purple. Bath time last night was FUN!

Leo was delighted that he wasn't left out too...he got two T-Shirts...one from his favorite team the Fl Seminoles. Despite the fact that my little sis is Gator, Granny doesn't discriminate against any FL team.

I also received three super-cute summer dresses that I can wear as my belly gets bigger. It's SO HOT here right now that sun dresses are all I wear anyway, so these will be perfect ...either by themselves or over a swim suit.

Thank you Granny and Gramps for our goodies!!!

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