Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Luke's Many Characters

One of Luke's favorite things to do is dress up in costumes. He has a chest full of them: fireman, doctor, police man, Spiderman, Batman, Transformer, race car driver and more.

Yesterday Luke started his day as a fireman. If you ask him, he will tell you that he is the "amb-ee-lance" driver and that the other fireman follow him in the big red trucks. We have a fire station at the end of our neighborhood and have been on a couple of tours, so Luke really knows what he's talking about.

Later that afternoon, Luke decided he wanted to be a chef. So, he got out his chef hat, apron and real menu the hostess at Chili's gave him. He took my order and went right in to the toy room where he whipped me up a delicious meal in his play kitchen and grill.

If I had to guess what Luke would be when he grows up a chef is definitely one of the careers I would name. With his creativity and imagine there really is no telling though. He really is so much fun!!

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