Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Fun on the Water Slide!!!

Luke and Noah have had SO MUCH FUN on the water slide these past two weekends! (And, so have all the neighbor kids!!)

Today when we drained the pool to readjust it, we decided to blow up the water slide for the boys to play in. Let me tel you, they didn't miss a beat!

Up the slide and down they went...over and over...with a quick stop at the top to aim the water gun at the poor people below.

Even Noah gets in on the fun in the wading pool at the bottom of the slide. It's the perfect depth for him...unlike the pool that still scares him a bit. He hasn't climbed to the top by himself yet, but he loves for daddy to place him about half way up and then let him go!

They boys are still out there now playing hard. Two things are for sure...they will be hungry and ready for a good night of sleep when they get done!!

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