Friday, January 3, 2014

365 Project - Luke, Noah, Cruz

Decided to start a 365 project this year...taking one picture a day of my boys doing every day life. 

Today is January 3, 2014, so I'm a few days behind. The concept is still valid though and I believe at the end of this year, I will look back and be happy I dedicated the time to capturing a year in the life of my world. 

 Today, I found Luke outside playing soccer with the neighbor girls. He wasn't up for smiling, but I did get him to stand still in front of a tree just long enough to snap a pic. 

Noah was in our front yard on a nature expedition, collecting leaves and berries from the bushes. He is being his happy-go-lucky self...cutest dimples ever! 

 Cruz was inside watching Sam and Cat on Nickelodeon with that darned yaya! Oh my... I am really not convinced he will ever give that thing up!

And that is pretty much how the last Friday of our Christmas break went! Just hanging out being family!

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