Friday, January 17, 2014

365 - Noah & Oscar

This is the story of a lil' pup named Oscar and his boy Noah. 
Oscar was abandoned when he was 8 weeks old and taken to a high-kill animal shelter in Kingville, Texas.
A rescue agency saved him and found a foster home for him to stay with while they looked for a permanent solution. 

Santa knew how much Noah wanted a puppy. He arranged for Oscar to move to a second foster home in Wylie. Christmas morning, Oscar showed up on Noah's doorstep with a note from Santa saying he knew Noah would be the perfect little boy to take care of Oscar and give him a forever home. 

It was love at first site. Oscar is a snuggler & give the best puppy kisses. Noah takes him everywhere and his favorite place to sleep is on a lap or curled up under the covers with one of his humans. 

This is a happily-ever-after story. 
Oscar & Noah are best friends forever! 


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