Thursday, January 9, 2014

365 - A Day in the Life...Just Hangin' Out

Cruz is diggin' his brother's new Legos today. He was intent on getting two sets of wheels on this contraption. After digging through our master Leog bin for an  hour, we finally found a set! 
Say it with me... "Hallelujah!" 

It was COLD tonight, so we had a nice fire roaring in the fireplace, roasted marshmallows and got the boys settled down in jammies & ready for bed.

The next night, we got our "silly on" with some funny -ace selfies. There were so many funny ones, but I think this was one of the best of all of us. I'm so jealous Luke can curl his tongue. He did not get that trait from me...and Cruz, obviously, didn't either. 

I couldn't leave Noah & Oscar out either. They were right there with us in the silly pics. Luke was taking the picture in this one because we couldn't fit all four (5 with Oscar) of us in one pic while I was holding the camera out in front of us. 

In between our moments of chaos, we do manage to make some fun. 
And these are the ones I want to remember forever. 

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