Wednesday, January 29, 2014

365 - The "Littles"

I just love my Noah-boy, a.k.a. the sweet angel.
He is one of the most colorful, eclectic-dressing, story-telling, imaginative kids I've ever met. 
Not a day goes by where he doesn't dress himself "up." 
Some days that means as a cowboy. Other days, it's a fireman. 
Regardless of what he chooses, it's always fun! 
He is my "boy" boy. Loves dirt, bugs and all things outside!  

Cruzie: He is my "bambino" and I am his "mamilla." 
This boy has my heart wrapped around his little finger - in a powerful way.
I will never, ever tire of looking at his sweet face.
I try to memorize every feature & expression, but he's changing so fast. 
God has given me a revelation in to just how fast life is passing and I am grateful for the "Selah" moments...the ones where I pause, look around me and realize how very blessed I am. 
The picture of Cruz, below, was one of those moments.


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