Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday Funday with Aunt Niki

Monday Aunt Niki was feeling really brave and decided to take the boys out for some fun.

They started their day at the park at Firewheel where they played for over an hour! Next the stopped for snacks at Sonic before heading over to Build-A-Bear where they made a mommy bear and baby bear. So sweet!

Finally, they headed to the movie theater where they watched, Megamind. Before leaving though, they stopped at the arcade where they played a few games...a special treat because it's something Mommy would never take the time to let them do.

By the time Aunt Niki got home she was exhausted and had decided she was NOT ready for children full time! (Haha!) The boys were also ready for naps...both of them! (And I can't remember the last time Luke took a nap!)

What a Funday Monday. Thank you Aunt Niki!!!

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