Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Luke's First Baseball Trophy

Luke's first baseball season is over, but the baseball party celebrating their success was this past weekend. All Luke's buddies were treated to baseball shaped cupcakes and treats ...and plans for next season were made.

Chris, Dale and Leo will all return as coaches...and even though Leo wasn't an official coach this year, they still gave him a thoughtful coach's present and gift certificate for all he had done during the season.

The highlight of the party was when all the boys received trophies with their names engraved on them. Luke was SO excited. He held on to the trophy the entire day until we finally convinced him to put it on display in the china cabinet so that he didn't lose it or his little brother didn't break it.

I'm sure this is only the one of many baseball trophies to come over the years. Until next season, we'll be practicing batting, catching and the fundamentals of the game!

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