Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let the birthdays begin

Post dated 7/8/09
I'm writing today's blog with a post date from July 8th, which was Luke's 4th birthday. -Since it was just last week, I couldn't not go back and recap my "honey-bunny's" special day.
This year, Luke's birthday fell on a Wednesday. Leo and I had to work, so I knew Luke would be spending the morning with Ms. Christy. Early that morning though, when he first woke up, we snuggled on the couch together and looked at pictures of the day he was born. We started with a picture of my big belly. We talked about how he was still in my tummy then, but that later in the day the doctors took him out so daddy and I could meet him for the very first time. We continued with the first pictures of him after he was born and talked about how he screamed and cried when they first handed him to me...he thought that was extremely funny!

Our morning time ticked by quickly, so I got Luke dressed in his 'birthday boy' shirt and ready for the day. Luke knew we were having a big party (in combination with Noah and Seth's birthdays at the end of the month) but we planned a small family celebration for him that evening, so he was excited. What he didn't know what how special his day was going to be at Ms. Christy's house.

First thing that morning she helped them bake birthday cupcakes for Luke. Both Big Luke and Lil Luke added the ingredients, stirred the batter and carefully spooned it into the cup cake liners. Around lunch time, they had a special birthday lunch that included dino-bites chicken nuggets, Spiderman mac-n-cheese and strawberries. After lunch all the neighborhood kids came over to sing happy birthday to Luke and share the cupcakes the boys had baked.

I think Luke's favorite part of his birthday at Ms. Christy's was when she gave him his very own Batman mask and hand sewn cape! It's a long story, but Lil' Luke has one and Big Luke wears it from the time he gets there until I pick him up...every single day! Luke was so thrilled to get his own...he even asked if he could sleep in it! LOL!!

I picked up the boys after lunch and we came home to put the baby down for a nap. About that time, Ms. Sherry called and asked if she could take Luke birthday shopping. Oh boy, did they have fun. She took him several places, but I think the highlight of the trip was a stop at the candy store!! This is a forbidden store when he's with mommy, so he was DELIGHTED that he not only got to go in the store, but also that he got to pick out several pieces of candy including a Spongebob and Patrick marshmallow treat, cotton candy and a blue and white striped candy cane stick. Ummm...can you say sugar-high!!!

Thankfully, Ms. Sherry also got him a present that mommy liked too: a responsibility chart. Each day Luke is so excited to put a smiley-face magnet next to the chores or virtues he's mastered that day. He is expected to do everything from make his bed, brush his teeth, load the dishwasher, stop whining, share with others and be respectful. I LOVE this chart...and more importantly, so does Luke!

By the time Luke and Ms. Sherry got back from the store, it was time to start dinner. Luke requested cheese pizza, so Leo and Mr. Don went to Papa Murphy's (our favorite pizza place) to pick up dinner. While they were gone, I let Luke put the sprinkles and candle on his cake, which made him very happy. (If you know Luke, you know he has a "thing" for sprinkles!)

After dinner, Luke got to open his presents from mommy and daddy. He got a batman action figure whose wings pop out with the push of a button. He also got an incredible hulk mask with glowing eyes...and the coolest incredible hulk fists that fit on like gloves and make crashing and banging noises when they hit something. Luke thought his gifts were SO cool and I felt good about what we had picked out. (Being in Toys R Us, with all the millions of toys, can be very overwhelming!)

By this time we were headed to the tubby for a bath and some snuggle time. Luke and I lay in the bed in my room every night together and watch Scooby-doo, discussing the day and the things we're thankful for. When the lights went out this night, I could hardly get him to stop telling "Fadder God" about all the things he had done that day. It's not often that I try to stop Luke from praying, but this night I had to ask him to wrap things up so we could finally get to sleep!

And when things finally did quiet down, I couldn't help think about the past four years. My life has changed so much since becoming a mom. Next to my salvation, there has been NO greater gift in my life than my children. They make me live to a higher standard and want to be a better person. For this experience, I am forever grateful!

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