Monday, July 27, 2009


Luke is really growing up and changing in to a little boy. One way he shows me this everyday is with the new toys that interest him. Move over baby toys, hello action figures.

Right now, he is obsessed with Batman...with Spiderman running a close second. He got a Batman 12 inch action figure for his birthday with wings that pop out and ever since then he's wanted to be Batman. We've tied blankies around his neck and clipped towels to his shoulders...anything to replicate that Batman cape and make him feel like a super-hero!

Recently the little boy who lives next to us started wearing these Batman pajamas with a cape that velcros to the back. Luke thought they were SO cool! Well, leave it to Ms. Sherry to drive all over town until she found some in Luke's size!! (Actually, they are almost too small, but Luke doesn't care one bit!)

Check him out in the pics. He has not taken them off except for me to wash them. He says they are not only pajamas, but also "morning clothes" that he can wear all day. And, you I don't really mind if he wears PJ's all day...he's my little super-hero!!

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